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Training for Title IX Personnel

In response to 34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10) of the 2020 Title IX Final Rule, Loyola University of Maryland is required to publicly share all materials used to train Title IX personnel at the University. These individuals include the Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators, investigators, decision-makers (including hearing panel members), and any person who facilitates an informal resolution process. The University will continue to post access to training materials through this website to the extent necessary to comply with Title IX.

Training topics must include: the definition of sexual harassment as proscribed by the Title IX regulations; the scope of the University’s education program or activity; how to conduct an investigation and grievance process including hearings, appeals, and informal resolution processes, as applicable. Additionally, the decision-maker(s) must receive training on any technology to be used at a live hearing and on issues of relevance of questions and evidence, including when questions and evidence about the complainant’s sexual predisposition or prior sexual behavior are not relevant.  Investigators must also receive the appropriate training needed to create an investigative report that fairly summarizes relevant evidence.

Further, any individual designated as a Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator, investigator, decision-maker, or any person facilitating an informal resolution, will not have a conflict of interest or bias for or against a complainant or a respondent.  Any materials used to train the Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinators, investigators, decision-makers, and any person facilitating an informal resolution must not rely on sex stereotypes and must promote impartial investigations and adjudications of formal complaints of sexual harassment. 

The Title IX regulations (34 C.F.R. part 106) further requires Loyola University Maryland to make publicly available information on these trainings starting August 14, 2020. A list of trainings attended by these individuals is available. This list includes all trainings attended post-August 14, 2020.  It also includes some trainings attended prior to August 14, 2020 when the trainings were relevant to our obligations under the Title IX regulations (34 C.F.R. part 106).  These trainings are both internal and external trainings. The list includes the materials used in the training, all of which are provided for public review. These materials will be kept for seven years and can be viewed below.

Completed Title IX Personnel Training and Materials

 Date(s) Title of Training/ Presentation Presenter(s) Format Training Materials
6/3-4/2020  2020 Title IX Regulations: Policy Implications and Practical Application D. Stafford & Associates  Webinar  Training Material
6/10/2020  BRAVE Training: Creating a Trauma-Informed Conduct Process Grand River Solutions  Webinar  Training Material
 7/13-17/2020  Title IX Coordinator and Investigator Training D. Stafford & Associates Webinar  Training Material
 8/3-7/2020 Combined Sexual Misconduct and Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking Investigator Training D. Stafford & Associates Virtual Course  Training Material
 8/14/2020-present Training for Title IX Intake Officers, Hearing Panel Members and Title IX Coordinators  Institutional Member of the Student Conduct Institute (The State University of New York) Webinar  Training Material
 9/16-17/2020  NACCOP Constructing A Live Hearing Process D. Stafford & Associates Webinar  Training Material
 9/18/2020  Hearing Panel Member, Advisor, Title IX Intake Officer, and Title IX Coordinators Training Katsura Kurita, David Tiscione, and Melissa Lees Webinar  Training Material
 9/25/2020  Title IX Intake Officer Training Katsura Kurita, David Tiscione, and Melissa Lees Webinar  Training Material
 10/16/2020 Title IX Hearing Officer Training Katsura Kurita and David Tiscione Webinar Training Material