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Terms and Definitions:


Add/Drop refers to the period at the beginning of the semester when students are able to remove or add courses to their schedule, in person or via WebAdvisor. It is recommended that students consult with their advisor or with AASC before adding or removing courses from their schedule. Courses removed during this time will not show up on a student’s transcript. For official deadlines, procedures, and general information on this process, students should refer to the Records Office Add/Drop web page.

Withdrawal (from a single course):

After Add/Drop has ended, students are still able to withdrawal from a course if needed up until halfway through the semester (see the Records page or Academic Calendar for Withdrawal deadlines). Withdrawal differs from add/drop in that the the student's transcript will show a W for the course. After the withdrawal period has ended, students are not allowed to withdraw from any courses. Students should consult their professor and their advisor or a member of AASC before withdrawing from a course. Intercollegiate athletes must obtain the signature of the academic coordinator for varsity athletics. Failure to comply with the official withdrawal procedure will result in a permanent grade of F or AW (audit withdrawal). For more information on this process, students should refer to the Records Office Course Withdrawal page.

Leave of absence:

Students have the option to take either a personal or medical leave of absence. (See our Medical Leave of Absence FAQ page for more information about this type of leave.)

(From the Loyola University Catalogue):
"Students may apply for a leave of absence for medical or personal reasons or to study abroad. However, the leave of absence can last for no more than two semesters. If the student takes a leave of absence while on academic or disciplinary probation, s/he must complete the terms of her/his probation upon returning to Loyola. Students who are subject to full dismissal from the University for academic or disciplinary reasons are not eligible for a leave of absence.

To apply for a leave of absence, the student must mail or fax a letter with their signature to the office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, requesting the leave of absence. The letter must state whether the leave is personal or medical. [As our office is currently virtual, students may also email a copy of the letter to odugs@loyola.edu, as long as it contains the student's signature.]

A medical leave of absence will be granted when the attending physician provides the University with documentation recommending a leave. This documentation must be received within 30 days after the student or parent notifies Loyola of the need for a medical leave of absence. A review of the student's financial obligations to the University will take place once the medical leave of absence is approved and the medical documentation is received. If the medical documentation is not received by the University within the 30-day period, the student or parent forfeits the right to a tuition refund.

Students applying for a leave must complete the Leave of Absence Form, which can be obtained by contacting the office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. They must then consult the financial aid office to determine what effect this leave may have on their financial aid. Usually, students on a leave of absence from the University will not receive transfer credit for courses taken at another institution during the period of the leave. However, prior written permission may be obtained from the Academic Advising and Support Center for any exceptions to this policy.

Upon completion of the leave, students may return to Loyola University Maryland under the academic requirements in effect at the time of the departure without completing the regular admission process. Students on an approved leave of absence who do not return at the conclusion of that leave and who do not request an extension of the leave in writing from the Dean of Undergraduate Studies will be withdrawn completely from the University at the conclusion of the first formal add/drop period, which is typically the first week of classes of a semester.”

Other Resources

Loyola University Maryland Course Catalogue: This is a valuable reference and virtual one-stop shop for everything a student needs to know about their academic journey at Loyola, including but not limited to course descriptions, curriculum and degree requirements, academic policies, honors and awards, and even organizations students can be involved in while at Loyola.

Degree audit guide: This guide was created to help students understand their degree audit, which is the document that is used to evaluate a student's degree progress. Used in conjunction with the Loyola Course Catalogue, the degree audit helps the student and their advisor ensure that they are on track for graduation.

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