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Center for Public Engagement (CPE)

The Center for Public Engagement consists of authors, activists, artists, columnists, scientists, politicians, community leaders, scholars, government officials, and policy practitioners who contribute to the social discourse of racial equity and social justice. The CPE includes the following:

  1. A starting point for engaging racial inequalities and systemic oppression, both on campus and throughout the United States.
  2. Explore solutions on how to foster understanding of the causes and consequences of systematic sources of injustice.
  3. Analyze the intricacies between race and social justice by scaffolding oral histories.
  4. Identify potential strategies for resolving violent conflict and sustaining peaceful accords.
  5. Provides a conversational space to discuss relevant and timely issues around racial, social, and healing justice. These dialogue sessions include the COMloquium series, Koffee & Konvo, and Student Talk Backs, which are held once a month with scholars, selected guests, and faculty members.

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