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Center for Research and Culture (CRC)

The Center for Research and Culture consists of research fellows, research assistants, and undergraduate and graduate students who conduct and support empirical research on a variety of issues that lie at the intersection of race, social justice, peace, education, and advocacy movements in the United States. The CRC advances research that illuminates the causes, consequences, and potential means of ameliorating racial injustice, social inequity, and systemic acts of violence. The CRC will bring together education scholars from history, sociology, psychology, communications, policy and public administration studies, multiculturalism, African and African American studies, gender studies, legal studies, and peace and justice studies to investigate the many facets of these disparities.

Inaugural Doctoral Fellow: Summer 2021

María Colompos-Tohtsonie is a doctoral student studying Educational Leadership and Policy at Texas Tech University. She currently serves as Senior Program Manager and Policy Analyst for the United States Marshals Service. She will assist the Karson Institute with launching all three Centers, critical race theory analysis, and public policy initiatives.

race · peace · social justice