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Upcoming Events

 All events are Open to the Loyola, Notre Dame, and Baltimore City communities! Please Register.  


April 30th: Karson Kram Day

The Karson Institute is hosting Karson Kram Day on Loyola University Maryland's Reading Day, Tuesday April 30th from 10am to 1am in The Loyola Notre Dame Library. Join in on the festivities every two hours, some require registration on The Bridge.  

10am Kontinental Breakfast - The Karson Institute

12pm Yoga with Dr. Kaye - LNDL Lab B

2pm Popcorn in The Karson  - The Karson Institute

4pm Krispy Kreme Donuts LNDL Lobby  

6pm Krispy Fried Chicken and Fries Dinner - LNDL Learning Lobby

8pm Kold Italian Ice - LNDL Learning Lobby

10pm Cookies with the Karson Krew - LNDL Learning Lobby  

12am Midnight Brunch with Dr. Kaye - LNDL Learning Lobby





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