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 All events are Open to the Loyola, Notre Dame, and Baltimore City communities! Please Register.  


February 10th 10am-12pm : Itty Bitty Readers Meeting

Join us for a fun-filled event in connection with WEAA and The Karson Institute. Itty Bitty Readers is the perfect opportunity for little ones to explore the magical world of books. Let their imaginations soar as they listen to captivating stories, participate in interactive activities, and make new friends. Our friendly team of storytellers will engage children,12 years & under, in a lively and entertaining experience. Don't miss out on this exciting event that will ignite a love for reading in your little bookworms! The Karson Institute, 2nd floor of The Loyola Notre Dame Library. 200 Winston Ave, Baltimore MD 21210.

Don't miss it. RSVP Here for Free.

February 10th 3pm-7pm : Black History Month Sponsored Basketball Game

What does Black History mean to you today? What does Black History mean to us today? Find out what Black History and Black History Month means to The Karson Institute. Join Dr. Kaye and members of The Karson Institute as she speaks with member of the community and team mates at the Loyola vs Colgate Basketball game. Proceeds of sales will be donated to a charitable cause. 

February 16th 12:30pm-1:30pm: Stone Soup Series

Saying Their Names: Exploring University of Maryland's Slavery Task Force Report

Come with us as we take a deep dive into The Slavery Task Force Report. It has been the talk of the University and now is it at the center of our monthly book club reading. We must educate ourselves in order to know where to go in the future. Join us in Sellinger VIP for a mid day conversation, gentle read, and lunch. All are welcome. We encourage Professors to bring their classes.

Loyola Community Please RSVP on The Bridge Stone Soup Bridge

Baltimore Community Please RSVP Eventbrite Stone Soup 

February 27th 6:30pm-8pm : Black History Month Program - Loyola's Quilted Peculiar Narratives

Join us for this captivating program, we will explore rich black history through thought-provoking discussions, beautiful performances and engaging art. Immerse yourselves in the stories that have shaped our past and continue to shape our future. Don't miss this opportunity to honor the contributions and resilience of the black community. Come and be apart of this unforgettable night by The Karson Institute.

Tickets are free but space is limited. Tickets are available on EventBrite BHM Program Tickets and The Bridge for The Loyola Community BHM Bridge Tickets





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