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An alum speaks wise about life after graduation

2015 alumna and English major Marisa Pizzuli offers 7 things she wished she knew when she graduated a year ago– all good advice!

7 Things I Wish I Knew on Graduation Day

Writers–like you– could help make AI more human

Article from the April 7 Washington Post shows how poets and novelists are bringing their ability to write natural-sounding language, develop characters, and empathize and communicate with audience to help give personality to AI “bots” like Siri and Alexa. Pretty cool. It could be fun to come up with lines like these for a living, no?

If you ask Cortana if she is human, she says no, and then she adds a meant-to-be endearing joke: “But I have the deepest respect for humans. You invented calculus — and milkshakes.”

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Thinking About Grad School?

Interesting blog post on the merits, and disadvantages, of pursuing a graduate degree in English.

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