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What Do English Majors Do?

What do English majors do

Universal skills for jobs in travel writing, PR, marketing and beyond

Well positioned for careers in law and litigation

What are you going to do with your English degree? As seniors and juniors thinking about your post-Loyola plans, we know this question is in the air. We want to point you to some relevant resources, as well as encourage you to continue this conversation one-on-one with your advisor.

First, let's restate the question: What do English majors do? That phrasing is more useful and accurate. The destinations of actual English majors are numerous and their paths often indirect, prone to serendipity. English majors tend to end up in all sorts of fields, from public service to law, teaching to publishing, the creative arts to corporate communications. As a liberal arts degree, English broadly trains you to be smart, curious, and adaptable citizens. Regardless of destination, English majors are the folks in the room who think well, write well, and speak well.

What will your path look like? Below are some typical next steps by English majors after Loyola, with on-campus resources for each, as well as the circuitous paths of some successful alumni. Use these tools to do some reflecting on which path you'll pursue and consider talking with your advisor about post-Loyola planning. Also, strike up conversations with folks whose jobs look interesting to you. Ask them about their very first jobs out of college. We bet you'll be surprised.

—English Faculty

What's your next step?

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