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Faculty Highlights

Faculty Achievements: Publications, Honors, and Invited Lectures

Dr. Juniper Ellis


  • Ellis, Juniper.  "Decolonizing Grace:  Samoan Women Confront Trauma and Abuse."  Accepted for publication in Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies.  34 pages in manuscript.
  • Ellis, Juniper.  "Convergence: Irony and Urban Indian Epistemologies in Tommy Orange’s There There." Postcolonial Text vol. 15, no. 2, 2020, pp. 1-16.
  • Ellis, Juniper.  "Da decolonizing real: Liberating humour in Joe Balaz's Pidgin Eye." The Journal of Commonwealth Literature October 2020, 14 pages.
  • Ellis, Juniper.  “Laughter’s Truths: Hurston, Ellison, and Open-Ended Dialogue,” Studies in American Humor, vol. 6, no. 1, 2020, pp. 91-109.
  • Ellis, Juniper.  “Oceanian Knowing and Decolonial Love in Sia Figiel’s Freelove.” New Oceania: Modernisms and Modernity in the Pacific.  Eds. Matthew Hayward and Maebh Long.  Routledge, 2019, pp. 210-226.
  • Ellis, Juniper.  “Humour as Indigenous Liberation: A Tattooed Anus for World Peace in Kisses in the Nederends,” Journal of Postcolonial Writing, vol. 55, issue 5, 2018, pp. 614-626. Published 7 Feb. 2019.

Dr. Kathleen Forni


  • Beowulf's Popular Afterlife in Literature, Comic Books, and Film (2018).
  • Chaucer's Afterlife (2013).
  • The Chaucerian Apocrypha: A Selection (2005).
  • The Chaucerian Apocrypha: A Counterfeit Canon (2001).


Dr. Forni is the 2020 winner of the Nachbar Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Humanities. This award, sponsored by the Center for the Humanities, is Loyola's most prestigious scholarly prize, as it recognizes a scholar's career-long achievement.

Dr. Melissa Girard

Congratulations to Dr. Girard on her tenure and promotion to Associate Professor.


  • “Forgiving the Sonnet:  Modernist Women’s Love Poetry and the Problem of Sentimentality,” A History of Twentieth-Century American Women’s Poetry,
    ed. Linda Kinnahan. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, forthcoming July 2016.
  • “J. Saunders Redding and the ‘Surrender’ of African American Women’s Poetry” was accepted for publication by PMLA, the flagship journal of the Modern Language Association, in October 2015.

Dr. Nicholas Miller


Dr. Miller was chosen as the inaugural recipient of the Faculty Award for Excellence in Transformative Teaching at Loyola in 2017. This award recognizes Dr.  Miller's commitment to imaginative and effective teaching. 

Dr. Miller delivered a talk at the Grand Seminar, "The Magician's Microscope: Animation, 'Talking' Bacteria, and the Scientific Imagination" on April 12, 2016.

Dr. Robert Miola


  • “Early Modern Receptions of Iphigenia at Aulis.” Classical Receptions Journal (2020), 1-20.
  • Robert Miola's edition of Chapman's Iliad (2017) received a nomination from Brian Vickers for Book of the Year, London Times Literary Supplement, November 29, 2019; his article "Ben Jonson's Reception of Lucian" won the 2019 Beverly Rogers Literary Award from the Ben Jonson Journal
  • Hamlet, 2nd edition. Norton, 2019.  
  • Early Modern Catholicism: An Anthology of Primary Sources. Oxford University Press, 2007.  
  • Macbeth for The Norton Shakespeare, 3rd edition (2015). 

Invited Lectures and Papers:

  • “Text, Paratext, Context: The Scribal and Print Publications of Tichborne’s Lament,” Huntington Library, 2019. 
  • “Remembering Greece in Shakespeare’s Rome,” Rome, 2016, Washington, DC 2019.  
  • “Lost and Found in Translation: Early Modern Receptions of Oedipus at Colonus,” Verona, 2018, Toronto 2019. 
  • “Orestes and the Light of Day.” The Tyrant’s Fear . La Paura del Tiranno, Boston, 2016, Verona, 2016.
  • “Shakespeare and Classical Comedy: The Dark Legacy,” Plenary address, University of Campinas, Brazil, 2015. 

Dr. Mark Osteen

Recent Publications:

  • Author: Fake It: Fictions of Forgery. Forthcoming from Univ. of Virginia Press, August, 2021. 
  • Editor: Don DeLillo: Novels of the 1980s: The Names, White Noise, Libra. Library of America, forthcoming, 2022. 
  • Editor: The Beatles through a Glass Onion: Reconsidering the White Album. University of Michigan Press, 2019. 
  • Guest Co-editor: Caregiving, Kinship and the Making of Stories. Special issue of Journal of Medical Humanities 38.1 (Spring, 2017). Includes his essay “Pas de Deux” (25-37). 

Scholarly Essays:

  • “But Is It Art?: Welles’s Cubist Portrait of the Forger in F for Fake. New Perspectives on Old Masters.” Special issue of South Atlantic Review 85.4 (Winter 2020): 65-96.
  • “‘We came for the dirt but stayed for the talk’: Don DeLillo’s Theatre.” Don DeLillo: Contemporary Critical Perspectives. Ed. Katherine Da Cunha Lewin & Kiron Ward. Bloomsbury, 2018. 79-93. 
  • “Turning Us On: Artifice as Authenticity in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper, and the Summer of Love, ed. Kenneth Womack and Kathryn B. Cox. Lexington Books, 2017. 43-66. 
  • “Irish Haptoglyphics: The Manual and the Tactile in Joyce’s Fiction.” Joyce Studies Annual 2017: 3-39.  
  • “Alfred in Wonderland: Hitchcock through the Looking-Glass.” South Atlantic Review 80.3-4 (2016): 194-214. Winner of the SAMLA Essay Prize for 2016-17. 

Creative Nonfiction:


Seventeenth Annual Deans' Symposium Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in research, teaching and service (2014).
Nachbahr Award for outstanding scholarly accomplishment in the Humanities (2000).

Dr. Stephen Park

High-Impact Practices Faculty Fellow (2019-2021)


  • The Pan American Imagination: Contested Visions of the Hemisphere in Twentieth Century Literature. New World Studies Series, University of Virginia Press, 2014. 
    Nominated for the Susanne M. Glasscock Humanities Book Prize for Interdisciplinary Scholarship.
  •  “Free Trade Masculinities and the Literature of NAFTA,” in Routledge Companion to Literature & Economics. Matt Seybold, ed. (Routledge 2018).
  •  “Haunting the Plantation: The Global Southern Gothic in Eric Walrond’s Tropic Death,” Southern Quarterly 55.4 (Summer 2018), Special Issue: The Caribbean South.

Dr. Thomas Scheye

Dr. Scheye was awarded the Cardinal Newman Medal at Loyola's 2021 Commencement.