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First Paycheck Jobs

Some Loyola graduates go directly into the job market. As you do, keep in mind that a first job is not the same as a "career." For some, such as secondary education minors, you will step right into your chosen profession. Others will take a series of positions early on--some terrific, some less so--all giving you a toehold on the job market. Your goal is to gain experience in the workplace, perhaps in multiple fields, and use that as a stepping stone toward your goal. And the process itself might be an opportunity to figure out where you want to end up as you discover opportunities, niches, talents, and passions. At this stage as you near graduation, your task is to create a resume that showcases your skills in clear writing, clear thinking, and analytical smarts for a marketplace hungry for such training.

  • Career Center: A hub for job listings and related resources. College Center W002, x2232
  • Writing Center: Assistance with job market documents such as cover letters and resumes. Jenkins 011, x5415.
  • Alumni mentors: The Career Center maintains a list of graduates who have agreed to serve as mentors. You might also find such mentors through other informal networks.
  • Career Seminar for Humanities Majors: Watch for announcements about the annual workshop put on by the Career Center in the spring. This covers nuts-and-bolts issues of the job search, including how to create job market materials (resume, etc.).
  • Spring alumni panel: Watch for announcement about a panel discussion with Loyola English alumni about their experiences navigating the job market after Loyola.
  • Internships

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