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Alumni Profile - Brittany Harrington, '09

What did you plan to do when you started the English major?

When I declared English as my major, I was planning on becoming a high school English teacher. English was my favorite subject in high school so I knew before even starting at Loyola that I would be an English major in college.

How did you first get your start Post-Loyola?

Once I graduated, I knew I wanted to get into the promotional side of the music industry. I contacted the Human Resources department at the four major record companies in the music industry(Universal, Sony, Warner, and EMI) in order to find out what temp agencies they went through. I started temping for EMI Music Group in the Financial Operations department to get my foot in the door. I worked in Financial Operations for 3 months. I then saw on EMI's website that there was a Rock Promotion position for Capitol Record label and Virgin Record label (together they are called Capitol Music Group). I applied for the job, interviewed with HR first, then with the VP and SVP of Rock Promotion and they hired me on the spot!

I know temping for EMI Music Group not only gave me relevant experience, but it got my foot in the door with the company I wanted to be a part of. I've been with Capitol Music Group since January 2011.

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