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Meet Some of Our Students

Sierra Blackwell

Hi, I'm Sierra Blackwell from Niagara Falls, NY. My favorite novel is Toni Morrison’s Beloved—the heavy, eerie atmosphere is masterfully intertwined with the difficulties of a family attempting to rebuild. I personally have had my nonfiction and poetry appear in The Forum, Corridors, and plain china: Best Undergraduate Writing!

Kyle Banquer

Hi, I'm Kyle Banquer from Monroe, Connecticut. Here at Loyola, I've spent a lot of time directing theatre productions. One of them, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged] was even called "pretty alright!" One of my favorite classes here was Dr. Mangiavellano's gothic seminar which made me realize why I enjoy terrible horror movies.


Christian Margarida

Hi, I'm Christian Margarida from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Two of my favorite books are Moby Dick and The Sound and the Fury, both of which I read for the first time as required reading for my English major! My first upper level English course was Shakespeare I, after that, I was endlessly fascinated with literature.

Tyler Szabo

Hi, I'm Tyler Szabo! I'm an English major with a Business Administration in International Business minor! One of my most rewarding accomplishments was when I taught 1920's poetry to an 8th grade class at the Baltimore Friends School. I plan to work in consulting before pursuing graduate studies in Literary Criticism or Compararive Lit.


Marilena Orfanos

Hi, I'm Marilena Orfanos from Queens, NY! I'm a participant of Loyola's combined BA/BA - MAT program for secondary education in addition to my English major. When I'm not climbing around the theatre, you can find me climbing rocks. I hope to teach high school someday, but don't plan on letting this set aside my goals as a novelist.

Sophia Bell

Hi, I'm Sophia Bell from Severna Park, Maryland! My favorite part about being an EN major (plus a Spanish major and Comm minor) is breaking a text down and from the rubble, constructing a concept that increases understanding and gives personal insight. My other hobbies include dancing, drawing, and acting, on top of being in the Honors Program.


Wes Peters

Hi, I'm Wes Peters from Mendham, NJ but you may know me from my novel, "Between the Doors" published in 2014! I'm a senior at Loyola. I'm looking forward to a career in Healthcare, but for now I'm working on an honors thesis with Dr. Mangiavellano. My favorite book is Stephen King's "Wind Through the Keyhole" and I recommend it to all.

Sean Creedon

Hi I'm Sean Creedon! I’m a senior double majoring in English and Political Science looking forward to attending graduate school. Of all my classes, I enjoyed Dr. Girard’s EN 372: Contemporary Literature the most because I welcome any chance to talk about postmodernism. In fact, my summer research fellowship was about postmodernism!


Katie Henry

I'm Katie Henry, from Kenmore, NY! I'm a senior at Loyola majoring in English with minors in Studio Arts and Business. My favorite novel is Joust by Mercedes Lackey, but my honors thesis is on Spenser! At Loyola I’ve worked as a research assistant for Dr. Cole on her current project on the diaries of artist John Sloan.