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Because of its scope and flexibility, the English program can prepare its majors for a variety of careers. In the past, students have pursued careers in journalism, business, library science, education, and technical writing. English is also excellent preparation for law school.

Others among our alumni are distinguished members of the business and legal communities, or in elementary, secondary, and higher education careers. Recent graduates have undertaken advanced study at Pembroke College and St. Hilda's at Oxford University. Others have studied at American institutions such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Emory University, the University of Maryland, Fordham University, the University of New Hampshire, and the University of Delaware.

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Majors, minors, and interdisciplinary majors should use the course template (Word doc) to keep track of their courses and to ensure they're fulfilling program requirements.

Carol Abromaitis

Carol Abromaitis, Ph.D.

A professor of English and Catholic Studies, Dr. Abromaitis serves as advisor to students who plan to attend law school and has been teaching at Loyola for five decades

English, Catholic Studies