Loyola University Maryland

Department of English

Learning Aims

In addition to the goals for the core program, all of which apply to the major program, the English department sets the following as goals for its majors:

  • Develop a lifelong habit of reading literature for both pleasure and intellectual edification
  • Acquire a basic knowledge of literary history—how generations affect each other, and how authors write with an awareness of those who have written before them
  • Recognize that texts can be approached in multiple ways
  • Understand how works of literature reflect their own times; how they are affected by the spirit of their age (currents of thought as well as social, political, and economic forces); and how they can in turn affect that time
  • Understand how works of literature, even those written in and about times and places foreign to us today, are able to speak to us personally and directly
Anna DeBlasio

Anna DeBlasio

An actor and singer, Anna says she cultivated her career in the arts through grants from Loyola

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