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Department of English


EN 101 is the prerequisite for all upper-level English courses. EN 200-level courses count toward the major.

Graduation Requirements:

English majors and minors should familiarize themselves with these departmental requirements for graduation:

  • Majors take 11 upper-level classes: 3 pre-1800 courses (300-339; 407; 411-439); 1 course in 19th-century literature (350-369; 450-469); 1 course in 20th- and 21st-century literature (370-399; 470-499); 5 electives (any course 300-410). 2 of these courses must be EN 400 level seminars. The second core (EN 200s) counts toward the major.
  • Interdisciplinary Majors take a minimum of five upper-level courses. One must come from courses numbered EN 300-339; 407; 411-439. One of the five must be a seminar.
  • Minors take a minimum of five upper-level courses beyond the core requirement. At least one of these should deal with literature written before 1800 (300-339; 407; 411-439). All English minors are required to take at least one seminar
Nora Benedict

Nora Benedict

Nora credits her Loyola education with affording her critical thinking skills and relationships with faculty, both of which inspired a career in academia

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