Loyola University Maryland

Department of English


The prerequisites for all upper-level English courses are simply the departmental core requirements: EN 101 and one EN 200-level class.

Graduation Requirements

English majors and minors should familiarize themselves with these departmental requirements for graduation:

  • Majors take a minimum of 10 upper-level classes. One of these must be EN 300. The other nine must be divided as follows - four from courses number 301-359, and five from courses numbered 340-399. Two of these nine must be seminars.
  • Interdisciplinary Majors take a minimum of five upper-level courses. Two must come from courses number 300-359, and two from courses numbered 340-399. One of the five must be a seminar.
  • Minors take a minimum of five upper-level courses beyond the core requirement. At least two of these should deal with literature written before 1800 (EN 300-359) and two should deal primarily with literature written since 1800 (EN 340-399). The fifth course may be from either area. All English minors are required to take at least one seminar.


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