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David C. Dougherty

Professor Emeritus
David Dougherty 190 crop


  • Ph.D., Miami University (Ohio)David Dougherty

Courses Taught (Graduate Program in Liberal Studies)

  • The Story of the Sixties
  • Rage for order: Modern Southern American Literature
  • Shakespeare and Film
    • Detective Fiction and Film


  • Compelling Evidence:  New Detective Stories (2016). Editor and Introduction
  • Shouting Down the Silence: A Biography of Stanley Elkin (2010)
  • "Prospects of Recovery: Two Unpublished Sketches by Stanely Elkin."  New England Review 27 (2006): 41-46. "Baseball Story" - Editor; "Colin Kelly's Kids" - Editor
  • A Casebook on Stanley Elkin’s The Dick Gibson Show (2002) Editor and author of “Listening in on America: Introduction”
  • A Casebook on Stanley Elkin’s The Magic Kingdom (2005) Editor and author of “’Because Everything Has a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation.’ Our Ticket to The Magic Kingdom.”
  • Articles on various authors, The Literary Encyclopedia

Areas of Specialization

  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Disability
  • Gender

Teaching Interests

  • Modern British and American poetry, 1900-1945
  • Postmodern British and American poetry, 1945-1990
  • Shakespeare's English history plays
  • Modern British and American fiction, 1900-1945
  • Postmodern American fiction, 1955-2005
  • The American sixties
  • Detective fiction


  • American Historical Association Member Spotlight: Sara Scalenghe. 
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities awards Dr. Scalenghe a $210,912 grant to direct a Summer Institute for College and University Teachers entitled "Global Histories of Disability."
  • Detective and crime literature, filming Shakespeare's plays, Vietnam War fiction and films, sports and literature