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Nora Benedict Frye '10 will be joining the University of Georgia in Fall 2019 as a tenure-track assistant professor of Spanish and Digital Humanities!

Katie Henry '14 was admitted to the Ph.D. Program in English Literature at SUNY Buffalo with a full Presidential Fellowship.

Clara Love '18 presented a paper titled "Recovering Women's Literary History: The Aperio Project and the Woman's Literary Club of Baltimore" at the Bucknell University Digital Scholarship Conference on October 6, 2018.


Congratulations to Hunter Flynn '18, who won a Fulbright research award to travel to Japan during the 2018-2019 academic year and study the "reception of Faulkner in Japan."   https://www.loyola.edu/news/2018/0427-fulbright-winners-2018

Carrell English Medal Winner

Awarded to Hunter Flynn.   The Carrell Medal is awarded to the English major with the highest G.P.A. in the major courses.

Honors Theses:

  • Hunter Flynn, "Power Lines: The York Road in Mason & Dixon.Director: Nicholas Miller
  • Matthew Rossi, "Coleridge's Literary Appropriations of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.Director: Robert Miola

EN101 Paper Prizes:

  • Abigail McLaughlin, "Every Wave is Different from the Last"
  • Jenny Meigs, "Holly Golightly: A Housecat and a Tiger"

EN200-Level Paper Prizes:

  • Patrick Grasso, "Much Ado About Nothing: Loyalty, Lies, and Love in Messina"
  • Julia Kaldany, "Duality of Disability"

EN300-Level Paper Prizes:

  • Anna Rose Waniak, "Illustrating the Author-Narrator: Artistic Depictions of Chaucer as Poet and Pilgrim"
  • Jen Garster, "Narratives on Sanitary Reform"

Fall 2017 Booking Awards: Andrew Lucibella, Chaucer (Dr. Forni); Megan Hultberg, Milton (Dr. Lobo), Kelsey Endo, Jane Austen (Dr. Abromaitis), Andrew Hayden, Victorian Literature (Dr. McGlamery), Corey Thomas, American Literature to the First World War (Dr. Lukacs), Miranda Nolan, American Literature-First Generation Writing (Dr. Park), Juliana Mae Neves, Film Animation (Dr. Miller)

Spring 2018 Booking Awards: Andrew Hayden, English Literature before 1800 (Dr. Scheye), Monica Malouf, Shakespeare 1 (Dr. Miola), Kassandra Mendez, Women in 18th Century Fiction (Dr. Abromaitis), Meredith Wardell, Early Modern Disability Literature (Dr. Lobo), Monica Malouf, Modern British & American Poetry (Dr. Girard), Sarah Lewis, Modern Drama (Dr. Crockett), Marina Fazio, 21st Century Literature & Time (Dr. Ellis), Bailey Ray, Literature of the U.S./Mexico Border (Dr. Park)

We graduated 16 seniors who are members of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society, and inducted 12 new members.  Total membership this year was 26 members.  Moderator: Dr. Girard


Congratulations to Hunter Flynn '18 for having his paper on Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! accepted at the National Council of Undergraduate Research conference in Memphis this April. 

Carrell English Medal Winner

Awarded to Kjerstin Burdiek.  The Carrell Medal is awarded to the English major with the highest G.P.A. in the major courses.

Honors Theses:

  • Sophia Pinheiro, "Scribbling Women, Angelic Assassins, Young Captains, and Exiled Painters: Restoring Altered Images of the Women of the French Revolution." Director: Daniel Mangiavellano
  • Ellie (Andrea) Shirocky, "Gothic Monsters and their Societies: How English Society of the Nineteenth-Century Created its Own Monsters." Director: Gayla McGlamery


Carrell English Medal Winner

Awarded to Wesley Peters. The Carrell Medal is awarded to the English major with the highest G.P.A. in the major courses.

Honors Theses:

  • Sophia Bell, “Breaking the Chains:  Memory and The Allegory of the Cave in Dystopian Literature.” Director: Mark Osteen
  • Kaitlyn Henry, “Innocence, Passion, Pain, and Providence:  Dynamic Chastity in Book Three of The Faerie Queen.” Director:  Robert Miola
  • Wesley Peters, “Porch Row.”—our first creative thesis (with a research component). Director: Daniel Mangiavellano

As part of Academic Excellence Weekend, Hunter Flynn presented his work on Absalom, Absalom! at the annual Undergraduate Student Research Colloquium; Wesley Peters read from his novel in progress, “Porch Row”; and Leo Gray and Cristian Margarida talked about their experience of researching Baltimore cinema for Dr. Miller’s History of Narrative Cinema course last year.

Six of our students were Phi Beta Kappa awardees—majors Kaitlyn Henry and Wesley Peters—and minors Emily Blow, Jean Gillingham, Megan Ingraham, and Joshua Ziesel.  Each received a book in recognition of their accomplishment during our spring awards ceremony.

Other awardees at the spring ceremony:

EN101 Paper Prizes:

  • Claire McElduff, “The Human Emotion” (Dr. Osteen)
  • Carolyn Sacco, “The Importance of Identity” (Dr. Wright)

EN200-Level Paper Prizes:

  • Karl Dehmelt, “Unraveling History:  Mumbo Jumbo, Between the World and Me, and the Black Narrative” (Dr. Monson-Rosen)
  • Julia Specht, “Goblin Market:  Christina Rossetti’s Resistance against Religious Skepticism”  (Dr. Wright)

300-Level Paper Prizes:

  • Hunter Flynn, “Nabokov’s Princedom by the Sea, Kubrick’s Ghoul-Haunted Woodland” (Dr. Osteen)
  • Kyle Banquer, “’Shivering with Antici…pation':  Gothic Adaptation and the French Revolution’s Terrors” (Dr. Mangiavellano)

Fall 2015 Booking Awards:  Wesley Peters, Shakespeare I (Dr. Scheye); Caroline Tell, Shakespeare’s Rivals (Dr. Crockett); Megan Hultberg, Romanticism and the Gothic Tradition (Dr. Mangiavellano); Kathryn O’Brien, The Brontes:  Wild at Heart (Dr. McGlamery);

Anna Rose Waniak, Chesterton, Lewis, and Tolkien (Dr. Abromaitis); Monica Malouf, The Civil War in American Literature (Dr. Cole); Anna Rose Waniak, Postcolonial Literature (Dr. Ellis); Jean Gillingham, Modern Classic Revisions (Dr. Osteen); Kaitlyn Henry, Senior Honors Seminar:  Books of Conscience (Dr. Lobo)

Spring 2016 Booking Awards:  Dan and Matt Sweeney, English Literary History (Dr. Scheye)—our first–ever booking prize awarded to twins! Caroline Barada, Medieval Passion (Dr. Forni): Matt Sweeney, Shakespeare II (Dr. Miola); Jessica Ciampa, 17th Century Poetry and Prose (Dr. Crockett); Christine Crider, Jane Austen and Her World (Dr. Abromaitis); Sophia Bell, Banned Books, (Dr. Ellis); Marilena Orfanos and Sierra Blackwell, Romantic Revolutions (Dr. Mangiavellano); Sarah Lewis, African American Literature, (Dr. Guttman);  Hunter Flynn, Literature & Film:  Adaptations (Dr. Osteen)

Kjerstin Burdiek (2017) and Monica Malouf (2018) will be co-presidents of LoCoLitSo next year and are already planning Croquet on the Quad.

We graduated 16 seniors who are members of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society, and inducted 18 new members. Total membership this year was 35 students.  Moderator:  Dr. Mangiavellano.



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