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Course Sequence

HN 201 The Human Drama: The Ancient World (Messina seminar in "Self and Other" cluster)

Taken first semester of first year.

HN 202 The Human Drama: Medieval to Renaissance (Messina seminar in "Self and Other" cluster)

Taken the second semester of first year.

HN 203 The Human Drama: Renaissance to Modern

Taken the first semester of sophomore year.

HN 204 The Human Drama: The Modern World

Taken the second semester of sophomore year.

HN 210 Eloquentia Perfecta

This course develops students’ abilities in analytical thinking, writing, and speaking. Taken the first semester of first year, it fulfills the composition requirement in the core curriculum.

Core Humanities

Honors students take two upper-level courses, one in either English or History and one in either Philosophy or Theology. Each semester these departments offer a variety of appropriate courses, and Honors students choose the area they would like to study.

Social Sciences

Honors students take two social science courses, at least one of which is an Honors social science seminar.

Math/Science (3 Courses)

  • Honors students satisfy their Math requirement through one of the following courses: MA 251: Calculus I or ST 210: Introduction to Statistics or ST 265: Biostatistics.
  • Science/math majors fulfill their two other math/science requirements through their major.
  • For the third math/science core, non-Science majors choose from majors-level courses and specially-designed Honors science seminars.

Foreign Language Requirement

Students fulfill their Honors language requirement by taking one course at the 200 level.

Fine Arts

Honors students take one Honors seminar in a Fine Arts area.

HN 499 The Examined Life (Honors Capstone Seminar)

This is the Honors capstone course, and it is taken in the fall semester of senior year. It satisfies the Honors core requirement in ethics, while also allowing students to revisit particular texts and issues with which they have wrestled during their first three years at Loyola.