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Student and faculty discussions

How many people are admitted to the Honors Program each year?  


May I apply to the Honors Program before I apply to Loyola?

No. We do not accept applications from students who have not applied to the university, and you will need the PIN you acquire when you apply to Loyola to apply to the Honors Program.

I missed the early action Honors Program application deadline. Can I still apply to Honors, even though I was accepted to Loyola “early action”?

Yes, all students who are interested in the Honors Program may apply either “early action” in December or “regular decision” in February.

I missed the regular application deadline for applying to the Honors Program. May I still apply?

Please write to either Dr. Joseph Walsh ( or Dr. Gayla McGlamery ( to express your interest in applying late to the program.  

Do students in the Honors Program take courses other than Honors courses?

Yes. Honors students take a four-course interdisciplinary “Human Drama” sequence and several other Honors courses to fulfill an Honors version of core requirements at Loyola, but they also take courses with the general population of students, including classes in their majors and minors.

Is Honors housing provided?

No, Honors students choose from Loyola’s housing options, just as other students do. First-year Honors students are given preference for placement in Thea Bowman Hall, however, which is Loyola's newest dorm.

What is the Honors Program admissions committee looking for when it reviews applications?  

The committee is looking for academically talented students who are intellectually curious and who demonstrate an ability to read critically and write analytically. The committee takes the applicant's high school GPA and test scores into account in judging whether he or she will be able to handle the work and contribute to challenging interdisciplinary and discussion-based classes. The committee also looks for other evidence of intellectual curiosity and academic achievement in the application. The committee always reads application essays closely, so it is well worthwhile to read the prompts carefully and give these particular attention when crafting your essays.

When will I hear about my Honors status?  

Students admitted “early action” to Loyola and who have applied “early action” to Honors by the deadline will hear about their Honors Program status February 1. Students who choose the regular application route will learn of their Honors Program status April 1.

What happens if I change my mind after accepting my invitation to the Honors Program?

We encourage students admitted to the program to think seriously about their acceptance. We always have a waitlist, so it is considerate to accept admission to the program invitation only if you plan to participate. If you change your mind, however, please get in touch with us right away so that we may offer your place to another student.

What happens if I begin my Loyola career in Honors but decide I do not want to continue in the Honors Program?

If you enter the program and then decide it is not for you, we can convert your Honors courses to regular courses in the core. You will not lose credits.

Does admission to the Honors Program aid me in getting admitted to Loyola?

No, you must first be admitted to Loyola before the Honors Program can consider your application.

Does admission to the Honors Program aid me in getting scholarship or work-study money?  

No, Loyola's financial aid process is completely separate from the Honors admissions process, and whether or not you apply to the Honors Program or are accepted has no influence on Loyola’s scholarship decisions. Likewise, the Honors Program admissions committee does not consider scholarship offers as part of its admissions process. Admission is based on your Honors application.

I don’t have a PIN to access the Honors application or I have lost my PIN.

You receive a PIN when you apply for admission to Loyola University. If you have not yet applied to the university, you must do that first to acquire your PIN. If you applied to the university but don’t know your PIN, please get in touch with the Loyola University Admission Office at

What perks are associated with being in the Honors Program?  

  • Students taking Honors courses participate in small, seminar-size classes in which they enjoy a high level of intellectual excitement, challenge, and engagement with their professors and other students.
  • First-year students take a day trip to New York in the fall, and all Honors students are invited to a beginning of the year Honors banquet and the annual Christmas party. Funding is available for other trips and events as opportunities arise.
  • Individual Honors classes also sponsor special dinners and outings.
  • Students can sign up for free tickets to the Baltimore Symphony, Center Stage, and other special events. These are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • First-year Honors students are offered placement in Loyola’s newest dorm, Thea Bowman Hall.
  • Honors students may apply to an Honors Program fund for support in traveling to conferences, archives, etc. to advance their scholarly interests.
  • Upper-class students chosen to help with summer orientation for the program are also allowed to move into their Loyola housing early and avoid the “move-in” rush.
  • Honors students have their own study lounge on the 3rd floor of the Humanities Building with card swipe access, where computers and free printing are available— and where students can find snacks at exam time. They also have card swipe access to the Honors Seminar Room after hours.

Can I visit Honors classes and meet Honors students?

We encourage students interested in the Honors Program to get in touch with the Co-Directors and plan a campus visit. With some advance notice, we can arrange for you to visit an Honors class, lunch with Honors students, talk with the co-Directors, and tour our Honors spaces. To explore this option, email either Dr. Joseph Walsh ( or Dr. Gayla McGlamery ( Please give us at least two weeks’ notice so that we can coordinate with students and professors to arrange the best possible visit.

I’ve been admitted to the CPaMS Scholars Program at Loyola. Is it possible to participate in this program and also in the Honors Program?

Yes. Your academic advisor can help you plan your schedule so that you can participate in both programs.

I've been admitted to the Sellinger Scholars Program. Is it possible to participate in this program and also in the Honors Program?

Yes, Yes. Your academic advisor can help you plan your schedule so that you can participate in both programs.

I am a student athlete participating in a varsity sport. Will I be able to handle the Honors Program and my athletic commitments, too?

Every year student athletes participate successfully in their sport and in the Honors Program, as well. That said, you should talk with your coach about the amount of practice and travel time required for your sport, then talk with one of the Co-Directors about the workload for Honors.

I am attending Loyola on an ROTC scholarship. Can I participate in the Honors Program as well as ROTC? 

Yes, you can participate in both.

Can I study abroad as an Honors student?

If you are thinking of spending a semester or a year studying abroad, see one of the Co-Directors as soon as possible to plan a course of study that will allow you to have the international experience and fulfill all Honors Program requirements.

Is there a space dedicated for Honors students to study?

A study lounge for Honors students is located on the third floor of the Humanities Center (HU 324). The lounge contains comfortable seating and work space. Come and make yourself at home!