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Ad Honorem

Ad Honorem, the Honors Student Council, represents you to the Honors faculty. The Council also oversees use of the Honors student lounge, sends delegates to the national honors conference, and helps to organize field trips, class projects, and symposia. Please feel free to bring questions and concerns to any members of Ad Honorem. They are elected by you, and they are ready and willing to help in whatever way they can. 

Academic Year 2023-24 Council Co-Chairs

  • Robbie Buhite '24
  • Kate Izzo '26

Senior Representatives — Class of 2024

  • Robbie Buhite
  • Norah Foley
  • Katie Roessel

Junior Representatives — Class of 2025

  • Caroline Kunz
  • Jack O'Hara
  • Ellie Reynolds
  • Evy Ryan
  • Patrick Turek

Sophomore Representatives — Class of 2026

  • Marina Fassolakis
  • Kate Izzo
  • Jujuan Lawson
  • Allie Los
  • Molly McCleary

First-Year Representatives — Class of 2027

  • Charlotte Case
  • Cara Lamina
  • Lexi Frenda