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What are Honors students doing?

Honors students in class and at wine tasting

Students in the Honors Program come from all divisions and departments of the University, and the Honors Program is as well suited to students majoring in the sciences, social sciences, business, or education as it is to those in the humanities. Honors students are distinguished by their superior academic records and by their desire to participate in the program’s distinctive curriculum and activities. The Honors Program curriculum offers students a fully integrated program of study that is both multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary. It accomplishes the goals of the regular University core curriculum, but through an alternate path, and is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the requirements of all majors across the University.

Though Honors courses are rigorous and challenging, professors endeavor to foster an atmosphere of mutual support and collegiality rather than of rivalry or competition. Honors students speak often of the real sense of community that develops among them, and many lasting friendships have grown out of the program. At the same time, Honors students are by no means isolated from the larger University community. Because they often are among the most talented and engaged students on campus, Honors students tend to excel both in the program and in a whole range of extra-curricular campus activities.