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Ad Honorem

Ad Honorem, the Honors Student Council, represents you to the Honors faculty. The Council also oversees use of the Honors student lounge, sends delegates to the national honors conference, and helps to organize field trips, class projects, and symposia. Please feel free to bring questions and concerns to any members of Ad Honorem. They are elected by you, and they are ready and willing to help in whatever way they can. Their campus phone numbers and addresses are listed in Loyola's directory.

Academic Year 2019-20 Council Co-Chairs

  • Shannon Ward '20
  • Patrick Waters '22

Senior Representatives — Class of 2020

  • Rebecca Vincent
  • Kevin Kane
  • Shannon Ward
  • James White

Junior Representatives — Class of 2021

  • Vanessa Glecken
  • Michael De Lia
  • Victoria Matos
  • Bridget O'Carroll
  • Emma Ozer

    Sophomore Representatives — Class of 2022

    • Julia Cataneo
    • Patrick Waters
    • Ema-Joanne Walden
    • Nathan Galloway
    • Claire Svoboda

    First-Year Representatives--Class of 2023

    To be decided

    Doria Diacogiannis


    Loyola taught Doria to seize every opportunity available to her, whether that be undertaking a psychology major with a double minor in Spanish and English, being involved on campus, or volunteering

    Psychology, English, Modern Languages and Literatures
    Honors students posing for a group photo on a wooded trail during a hike
    Honors Program

    Why I'll always be glad I joined the Honors Program

    Faculty mentors, engaging intellectual discourse, and opportunities for academic enrichment like excursions and field trips characterize the Honors Program, Loyola's learning community for high-achieving students.