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Honors Program

Travel Research Program

This program is designed to enable Honors students to travel for academic and intellectual enrichment. Specifically, the program will support travel to:

  • academic conferences
  • archives
  • collections
  • sites critical for research projects
  • intellectual/academic events

Proposal Requirements

To be considered, a proposal must include:

  1. A statement by the student clearly and thoroughly indicating
    a. where the students hopes to go
    b. the nature of the conference, archive, collection, site, or event
    c. how the travel will further the student's research and/or intellectual progress.
  2. A precise estimated budget.
  3. A letter of support from a faculty sponsor. The sponsor's letter should explain clearly and thoroughly how the sponsor knows the student and how the proposal will enrich the proposer's intellectual and academic development.
  4. Applicants must seek funding from at least one other source and indicate in the proposal what that source it.


Within one month of return from the research travel, successful proposers must submit a one-page description of their experience and what they derived from it. Reimbursement for the travel will be issued only after the description has been submitted.

  • Awards will be capped at $750.
  • Proposals, including sponsors' letters, must be submitted electronically to jwalsh@loyola.edu and gmcglamery@loyola.edu.The co-directors will vet and decide upon the proposals.
  • Proposals will be vetted as they come in.
  • The final day to submit proposals will be March 1.
  • The number of awards that the Honors Program can fund is limited, and so proposals submitted early will have a better chance of success.
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