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Who are we?

The Loyola Center at Newcastle is a joint study abroad center between Loyola University Maryland and Newcastle University. The Center has been built on a longstanding partnership between the universities and we are excited to open up the opportunity to all eligible US students to study abroad with us. 

How will study abroad help me?

Everyone knows that studying abroad in an amazing experience, but it has tangible, long term benefits as well. Studies show that 96% of students felt that more felt confident after studying abroad, 87% of students said it influenced subsequent educational experiences, 76% of students said they acquired skills that influenced their career path, nearly 90% of study abroad students secured a job within the first six months after graduation.*  

What makes us better?

We make study abroad work for you. The Loyola Center offers the ultimate study abroad package. Your program fee covers everything from coordinating academics to arranging housing to weekend trips and travel. We offer support to assist you before you go, while you are there, and when you return. The Loyola Center has a full time, on-site director and emergency support is available 24/7 if needed. For full details, check out our program benefits page.

Newcastle and Loyola representatives


*Studying Abroad Increases Professional Job Prospects

*The Benefits of Study Abroad

At Loyola, study abroad isn't just about seeing the sights... Explore study abroad