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Life abroad residence halls

The Loyola study abroad package includes the cost of accommodation while studying in Newcastle. Multiple options are available and are within walking distance of campus and the city center.

What We Offer

Staying in university accommodation gives students a chance to make new friends and enjoy being part of a supportive community as they settle into university life. We offer:

  • Universities U.K.-approved student accommodation, which meets nationally recognized management
    and physical standards;
  • A choice of self-catered locations, which are within walking distance of the campus and city center;
  • A fully furnished study bedroom including a bed, wardrobe, desk, and study chair;
  • Internet connection in every bedroom through the university network; and 
  • 24-hour security in case of emergencies

Self-Catered Accommodation

Life abroad kitchensAll of the accommodation options available at the Loyola Center are self-catered, meaning students are responsible for preparing their own meals. Self-catered accommodation is perfect for students who would like to establish their independence but still enjoy the support and social benefits of being part of a student residential community. The self-catered accommodation have plenty to offer:

  • All students will have their own room;
  • All flats are fully furnished with a shared lounge and kitchen;
  • Usually there are six to ten students per flat;
  • All communal areas are cleaned, although students are responsible for ensuring their own room is clean and tidy; and 
  • The 24-hour University security team provides out-of-hours support for emergencies

For more information about student accommodations in Newcastle, visit the Newcastle accommodation website or call +44 (0) 191 208 3333. Watch a video about accommodation at Newcastle.

At Loyola, study abroad isn't just about seeing the sights... Explore study abroad