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Study Abroad students are required to follow a normal undergraduate workload based on 120 credits for a full academic year or 60 credits per semester. The credits will be transferred back to Loyola with our credit equivalent. 

Students will receive 5 Loyola credits for 20 Newcastle Credits and 2.5 Loyola credits for 10 Newcastle credits for a total of 15 Loyola credits per semester.

View a full listing of Loyola approved courses. To view all Newcastle University course offerings and course descriptions, visit the Newcastle University Module Catalogue


When you have completed your period of study at Newcastle, you must request a Loyola University Maryland transcript from the Office of the Registrar to be sent to your home university stating the Newcastle modules that you have studied, the Loyola equivalent credits you have earned, and the Loyola equivalent grade awarded. 

At Loyola, study abroad isn't just about seeing the sights... Explore study abroad