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Take a virtual tour of the campus and some of the teaching buildings!

University Library Service

The award-winning Library Service is recognized as one of the best in the country. It is the only university library in the U.K. to have been awarded a Charter Mark for excellent customer service five times in a row. Newcastle now also holds the prestigious Customer Service Excellence award for quality of services.

The main library on campus is the Robinson Library, open 24 hours a day; with brand new digital library, the Marjorie Robinson, just around the corner and open until midnight most days. There are also two specialist libraries: The Walton Medical and Dental Library and the Law Library. 

students in library

Study Support Facilities

Specialized learning services are offered to support students through their studies:

  • Language Resource Centre with free language support in more than 50 languages;
  • A 'ReCap' service, which records many lectures and makes them available online for you to listen again;
  • Writing skills support from the Writing Development Centre; and 
  • Maths-Aid, a drop-in service that provides help with difficulties in math for students of any discipline.
  • Student Wellbeing Service supports students with specific disabilities or learning difficulties.

Students' Union

The Students' Union is a the hub of student life, with support facilities, study space, bar and cafes, a band and Subway. A few of the activities the Union supports are: 

  • Representation for all students, including study abroad students both at the University and national level;
  • Student media, including The Courier newspaper, Newcastle Student Radio and The Courier Television, all of which you can become involved in;
  • More than 170 student societies including a wide range of country-specific societies as well as a diverse range of special-interest societies
  • Athletics Society with 65 clubs from social kick-abouts to top-level University competition
  • Opportunities for students with Tier 4 visas to work with the local community as volunteers through the Student Community Action Newcastle (SCAN) Network; and 
  • Support for students experiencing difficulties through the Student Advice Centre

Sports Facilities

Newcastle's sports facilities cater to all interests, levels, and abilities—from those who like to keep fit by occasionally visiting the gym to more serious competitors who can get involved in a variety of league competitions. There are more than 60 sports clubs so there is something for everyone!

There is an opportunity to receive a Study Abroad Scholarship by trying out for one of the First Teams with various Performance Sports.

The Go-Play program offers one-time intro sessions and six-week courses in a range of sports, supported by professional coaching staff.

Sports facilities are available to students by paying a yearly or single-semester membership fee.

Gym at Newcastle University

Career Services

Newcastle University’s award-winning Career Services is there to support the future of all students, even those who are only studying for a semester. Whether it’s a part-time job or a longer-term internship (Tier 4 visa students only)—Careers can help with all of it. They can also help reformat résumés to the European version, a curriculum vitae, or CV for short. By knowing and understanding the European market, they can help expand employment opportunities during University and beyond.