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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to study abroad at the Loyola University Maryland Center at Newcastle University?

You will need to complete and submit the application by the October 1 or March 1 deadline.

Are students with any major or minor able to study at the Loyola Center?

Yes! The Loyola Center at Newcastle offers courses for every major. We encourage all students to check with their home advisors to make sure that they are able to complete a full course load at Newcastle. 

What year in my college career do I need to be in to study abroad at the Center?

You must be of junior standing during your time abroad. 

How many classes will I take while studying in Newcastle?

It depends on the courses you choose to take. Students can take anywhere from 3-6 courses to equal a full course load.  Newcastle courses are worth 10 and 20 credits. Loyola Center students are required to take a combination of courses that will equal 60 credits per semester.

How will the Newcastle credits transfer to my home university?

All students that study though the Loyola Center at Newcastle will receive a Loyola University Maryland transcript. We will transfer the Newcastle University courses with the Loyola University grade and credit equivalences. You will receive 5 US credits for 20 Newcastle credits and 2.5 US credits for 10 Newcastle credits. You will be required to request a transcript from the Loyola University Maryland Office of the Registrar upon completion of your time in Newcastle. 

What is housing like in Newcastle?

All Loyola Center students will live in Newcastle University accommodation. These are fully furnished flats with shared kitchens and lounge areas.  You will share your flat with British and international students and will have your own private bedroom.

Will I have an on-site support person?

Yes! The Loyola Center had a full time on-site director and two support staff that only works with the Center students. They are available to assist you with any problems that arise and answer any questions you may have. 

In addition to the Loyola Center Staff, students can access Newcastle University's Student Wellbeing Services.

Is airfare included in the program package?

No, you are financially responsible for your own airfare.  Loyola will organize a group flight and you are welcome and encouraged to book this flight.

I heard the program also includes various trips. What places do these trips include?

The trips that the Center sends students on can vary year to year. We send our students on a variety of overnight weekend trips as well as day trips on the weekends. Historically these trips have included London, York, Durham, the Scottish Highlands, Tynemouth, Alnwick Castle, and Edinburgh), and a week in a European city for spring break for the full year and spring semester students. 

Is a meal plan included?

No. All of the accommodation locations that our students live in are self-catered, meaning that students are responsible for their own meals. Every flat has a full kitchen so you can easily prepare meals. The program does include several group meals for holidays and special events.

How do I go to a doctor if I get sick?

Depending on whether you are here for a semester or a year, there will be differences in your medical coverage available.  All students are eligible to register with a doctor on the NHS (National Health Service). For students studying for one semester only, it is possible that you will be asked to pay out of pocket for appointments attended, and claim the fees back on your US insurance. Students are also free to go to an urgent care/walk-in centre. Additionally, pharmacists in the UK work a bit differently than in the US, and are able to do mini-consultations if you’re not able to see the doctor right away.

Is a UK Visa required for Newcastle?

All full year students will be required to apply for a UK Tier 4 Student Visa. Fall and spring semester students do not have to apply for a Visa beforehand and will be given a Student Visitor Visa upon arrival in the UK. 

Am I allowed to travel during the week?

The UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency) has very strict rules about students traveling when they’re supposed to be in class. Therefore, we recommend traveling during the safest times—between Friday night and Sunday night.  Each student will be issued with a letter stating that he or she is a student at the Loyola Center if the UKBA asks any questions upon reentry.