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Loyola Center at Newcastle

On-site Director

The Loyola Center at Newcastle offers excellent personalized support for all students. We have a team consisting of a full-time, on-site director and two part time assistants to look after all students studying at the Center.

Once the students arrive in Newcastle, they will be taken care of every step of the way to ensure that they have the best possible study abroad experience. The Loyola Center team at Newcastle is available to assist with everything from academics matters to questions about daily life, like where to buy your groceries or join a gym. Students will also have a Personal Tutor in their School who provides additional support on the course. There’s always someone to turn to!

We organize excursions and activities specifically for Loyola Center students throughout each Semester. Our current trips can be viewed here.

Email: loyola@ncl.ac.uk
Tel: (+44) 0191-208-7522

Twitter: @LoyolaAtNCL

Facebook: TheLoyolaCenterNewcastle

Instagram: loyolaatnewcastle

Email: loyola@ncl.ac.uk
Phone: Tel: (+44) 0191-208-7522

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