Loyola University Maryland

Loyola Center at Newcastle

Support Services

Student academic achievements are important, as is student personal wellbeing. Newcastle offers an excellent range of services to support students during their time in the U.K. In addition to full-time support from the on-site director, Loyola Center students have access to all of the services Newcastle University provides to students.

Visa Support and Advice

Newcastle University visa officers can advise students on visas and give advice and guidance on:

  • Visa renewals and extensions;
  • Immigration rules for working the U.K.;
  • Conditions and terms of tier 4 student visas and U.K. student visitor visas; and
  • Schengen Visas (the type of visa needed to travel within Europe)

Student Wellbeing Service

This team offers advice on coping with problems such as exam stress, money management, and medical matters. Services also include one-to-one counseling and a variety of workshops.

Loyola Counseling Resources

Loyola has great counseling resources that are available to you while you are abroad. 

Student Advice Centre

Based in the Students' Union Building, the Centre offers a team of professional advisers who can provide information, advice, assistance, and representation on a wide range of topics, including academic, disciplinary, finance, accommodation, legal, personal/family, consumer, and employment issues.


The University Chaplaincy brings together a team of chaplains who offer support and advice to students of all faiths.

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