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New Core Curriculum for the 2021-2022 Catalogue

Advising Updates from AASC

Students who entered Loyola under the 2020-2021 Academic Catalogue (e.g. Class of 2024 or students who started at Loyola in 20/SU, 20/FA, or 21/SP) may elect to change to the new Academic Catalogue (2021-2022) and follow the new core and graduation requirements. Students changing catalogue years will need to follow ALL core, major, and minor requirements in the new catalogue. This means that if major/minor changes have occurred, students will need to follow those changes in addition to the new core and graduation requirements.

Students will be invited to change catalogue years in Fall 2021 via email (We need to wait until the catalogue is officially published and degree audits are created so we can discuss potential major/minor changes with students). Students will submit a Change of Catalogue Year form to AASC and discuss the change with a member of AASC before it is processed.

Students who entered Loyola prior to 20/SU may only change to the new Academic Catalogue (2021-2022) if they want to declare a major or minor that was not available in their assigned catalogue year. 

Elements of the New Core Curriculum in the 2021-2022 Catalogue

  • Core reduced from 17 to 15 courses.
  • Students have choice of upper-level HS course (HS 300 level) OR upper-level EN course (EN 200 level)
  • Students have choice of upper-level TH course (TH 202-299) OR upper-level PL course (PL 202-299). 
  • Students must take ethics course in the opposite department from which they took the upper-level PL or TH course.
    • For example, if a student took TH202, they need to complete the ethics core in PL (PL300-319)
    • If a student took PL202, they need to complete the ethics core in TH (TH300-319)
  • Students must complete the 104 level of foreign language, either by successfully completing the 104 level or by receiving credit for the 104 level or higher on an AP or IB exam. If they placed into a level higher than 104 on Loyola’s foreign language placement exam, they may be exempt from the foreign language core requirement pending a proctored, on-site placement exam with the Modern Languages department.  If a student is exempted from the foreign language core requirement, they will instead complete 1 additional free elective.
  • All electives are free electives.  There are no longer non-departmental electives.

New Graduation Requirements

Under the 2021-2022 catalogue, students must complete a minimum of 38 courses (at least 3-credits) and a minimum of 120 credits.

Registration for Fall 2021 Classes

Students will register for fall classes through Student Planning. Faculty will give students permission to register and 6th course permission (if applicable) through Student Planning.

A Student Planning guide for faculty is available on the Office of the Registrar website. The code to grant 6th course permission for Fall 2021 is P621/FA. You must save this code in the “notes” section in Student Planning to grant 6th course permission for an advisee who requests it.

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