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Corridors Literary Magazine

Back Cover of Corridors 2015Front Cover of Corridors 2015

For years, Forum and Garland, two of Loyola’s student-run literary arts magazines, operated as two separate staffs. While the former solicited, reviewed and published submissions of nonfiction and art, the latter did the same with submissions of fiction and photography. However, we have joined together as Corridors in the interest of a common goal: to share the talents and passions of Loyola University writers with the university at large.

Comprised of students of various academic backgrounds and two professors, our staff is small but dedicated. Our editors, designers, and social media coordinator work with one another to ensure the success of the literary magazine through weekly meetings, periodic workshops and an end-of-the-year release party.

In the coming years, we hope to see Corridors continue to grow and improve in order to reflect the best that Loyola writers and artists have to offer.


Free paper copies of all Corridors issues are currently available in the Writing Department hallway and lounge.


Corridors accepts staff applications in September of each school year, and should be emailed to To email the adviser: Prof. Lucas Southworth:

Corridors has two submission periods, one in the fall and one in the spring. To email the editors, submit applications, or submit writing and art:

Corridors FAQs

What do we publish?

Corridors publishes original student work, including pieces of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, and photography. We will also consider other creative works, such as comics, music scores, etc. Please email us at if you have questions about a unique creative piece that you would like us to consider for publication.

Are there any length restrictions for submissions?

Written pieces should not exceed 15 pages double spaced. However, the longer a piece is, the stronger the writing must be in order for us to accept it. Please consult previous issues of Corridors to get a general idea for lengths we have published before.

How many pieces can I submit? Can I submit to multiple genres?

Send as many submissions as you like in as many genres as you like. Submit 3 poems, 4 pieces of art, 5 photographs: that’s fine. We will review all submissions with care.

How do I submit? and/or How do I format my submission?

Submit by sending an email to with your submission(s) attached. Each submission should be a separate attachment with the title, the genre, and your last name in the file name. For example, “The Title_Nonfiction_Last Name.” If you are submitting multiple poems, please send each one in a separate word document.

When do I submit?

Each year, we have two deadlines. The first deadline is usually in November, and the second and final deadline for the year is usually in February. The reason that we have two deadlines is to allow our staffs to have ample time to read all submissions, and we strongly appreciate submissions getting in before the first deadline; however, there is no penalty to submitting before the second and final deadline instead.

I want to submit, but I don’t know if my writing is strong enough. What do I do?

There are plenty of options! Our editors love receiving pieces that have been notably revised. Take your potential submission(s) to the Writing Center, and choose a tutor with experience in the genre of your piece; some of our staff members are often also tutors at the writing center and will be able to offer you detailed advice on how your piece might be received with suggestions for revision. For help choosing a tutor, inquire at the front desk or consult the Writing Center's website for staff bios. Alternatively, ask a professor to look over the piece for you and offer feedback. Finally, we will sometimes offer editing workshops, in which our editors will be available to look over pieces before submissions to offer feedback.

When will I hear back about my submission?

You will hear back about your submission in mid-to-late March or early April.

When/How can I get a copy of Corridors?

Keep an eye out for our annual release party at the end of the year in late April to receive a first-look copy of Corridors as well as enjoy snacks and live readings. After the release party, copies of Corridors may be found throughout the writing department as well as other select locations on campus. Corridors is absolutely free. Take a copy and enjoy.

How can I apply to be on the staff?

We accept new staff applications at the beginning of every school year. See the news section above. Our staffs are friendly, co-operative, and dedicated to the production of Corridors. We love to accept new members onto our teams. You do not have to be a writing or English major to apply or submit. Corridors is open to all majors.

Please email any additional questions to

Upcoming Events

Modern Masters: Edgar Kunz
Tuesday, February 20th  5 pm 
McManus Theater 

One Question
Monday, April 8th 2024 at 7pm
McGuire Hall

Writers at Work: Matt Bell
Thursday, April 11th at 6pm
Fourth Floor Program Room

Modern Masters: Susanna Sonnenberg
Thursday April 18th 6 pm 
4th Floor Programming Room 
Modern Masters Reading Series 

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