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The Writing Department’s Travel Writing Course

Travel Writing (WR355) is an online course open exclusively to students who are studying abroad. Subject matter is used to hone essay writing, analysis, and reflection skills. Course credit applies for all majors and minors.

The goal of this class is for students to learn different forms of travel writing, while also delving into the history, culture, and traditions of their host country and city. Students submit a range of assignments—blogs, essays, reading responses, writing exercises—as a means of not only gaining a cross section of writing abilities but also reflecting on their journey, learning about their study abroad destination, and, ultimately, learning about themselves. Producing numerous types of writing projects and refining analysis skills benefits a variety of majors. Adhering to assignment guidelines, students choose their own topics and, in previous classes, have discussed varied aspects of their study abroad country: political economies, cultural norms, religions, art and art history, regional festivals, as well as traditional foods and food trends. Travel Writing invites students to consider our global society—how we complement each other, how we differ—and their place in it.

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