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The Rhetoric Society

The Loyola Rhetoric Society is a student group that fosters the critical analysis and production of rhetoric, the art of persuasion, for intellectual, professional, and civic ends. Towards these ends, the Society has regular meetings and events, including talks, debates, and discussions, which promote rhetorical thinking, speaking, and writing. The Society believes that rhetoric touches every aspect of human culture--politics, advertising, science, literature, art, history, law--and therefore welcomes students of all majors who wish to explore the rhetorical features of their own and other disciplines.

Join the Loyola Rhetoric Society to talk about the ways social media affects our lives, both big and small.

Loyola Writing Club

The Loyola Writing Club is a community of writers eager to expose their writing to new readers while gaining both inspiration and constructive criticism from peers. To accomplish these goals, they host biweekly-to-monthly meetings and workshops, provide access to the Odyssey Online, and keep a close relationship with the Loyola Writing Center’s creative writing workshop series. They seek to find a common space where writers can meet, and they will use their diversified writing opportunities to advance Writing at Loyola.

To contact the Loyola Writing Club, email president Casie Morgan at chmorgan@loyola.edu.


Good writers should also be good presenters, showcasing their work and the works of others. The writing department hosts events every year where students gather to share their poetry, narratives, music, multi-media presentations, and other types of work. These events always include food and fun. Students can also take advantage of the Student Writers' Workshop (also known as the Greyhound Rising Poetry Collective), which offers students a dedicated group of writers who meet outside of class to share and discuss their poems, stories, plays, and essays. This organization is run for and by students.

Dr. Leary

Andrea Leary, Ph.D.

Meet a writing professor who believes service-learning inspires her students as much as it prepares them for their futures