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Writing Internship FAQs

What is a writing internship?

Loyola’s writing department offers writing majors (and students with a declared writing minor) the opportunity to conduct internships in the field. Typically, these are real-world working experiences for which you can usually earn academic credit through the writing department’s 3-credit course, WR 402, which is offered during the fall semester. However, you may also complete a 1-credit course, which is offered year-round. If these two options do not align with your plans, we encourage you to pursue non-credit internships. The internship coordinator, Dr. Andrea Leary, will help you pursue and apply for non-credit internships.

An internship is hands-on, practical experience that teaches you about a real job or career in research, writing, editing, document design, and other duties related to working as a writer and editor. Internships usually run for one semester; some are for-credit and un-paid, while others are non-credit and paid.

What kinds of writing internships are available?

Writing internships come in two varieties:

  • Internships in the community: Outside organizations and businesses are always seeking competent interns to work as researchers, writers, and editors. These organizations include newspapers, magazines, book and web publishers, marketing, advertising and communications firms, and human resources departments.
  • Internships within Loyola: This placement can be a job or project within an academic or staff department at Loyola—as long as the internship involves research, writing and editing, and receives department approval. (Working for Loyola's office of publications as a copy editor, for example, might be a productive internship.)

How do I set up a writing internship?

You can work with the writing department internship coordinator to locate a placement, or you can find an internship on your own. Either way, you apply for the internship, develop a plan of study, and register for the department’s internship courses. If you complete a non-credit internship, you may work with an organization on your own, though the coordinator is available to help you prepare your application documents.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! During the semester prior to your intended internship term, you should:

  • plan to register for the writing department’s internship in either the 3-credit or the 1-credit writing course
  • set up a meeting with the internship coordinator to develop your plan of study and apply for your internship. (You’ll need to submit the documents listed on the Internship main page for your application).

For more information, email the writing department internship coordinator, Dr. Andrea Leary.

Where can I learn more about internships?

Here’s a good resource for writing majors seeking internships on the Web at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) site called “Helping with the Internship Search” by Supriya Bhatnagar.

Jane Satterfield, MFA

Jane Satterfield, MFA

A poet and essayist, Jane Satterfield encourages her students to take risks and be flexible in writing different genres