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Target Areas

Target #1: Cultural Programming

In an effort to support Loyola's "dedication to diversity that values the richness of human society as a divine gift," ALANA provides a variety of activities to improve cultural awareness and the appreciation of the uniqueness of the individual. We coordinate campus-wide events such as speakers, cultural heritage month celebrations, and forums. Our cultural cultural heritage months include Latinx Heritage Month, Caribbean Heritage Celebration, Native American Heritage Month, African Diaspora Week, Black History Month, and Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Target #2: Leadership Development

Loyola's mission is to prepare students to "lead, learn, and serve in a diverse and changing world." One of our goals as an office is to provide ALANA students with the opportunity to develop as leaders. We host a leadership retreat for new officers of ALANA organizations as well as provide sponsorship to them to attend a variety of conferences.

Target #3: Retention

ALANA implements strategies to ensure the success and retention of our students. We host a Multicultural Awareness Program (MAP) (a pre-fall program for first-year students), as well as the ALANA Mentoring Program (AMP).  We also have two affinity groups, MAN2MAN and Sister to Sister, that meet bi-weekly to discuss topics that promote unity, support, and success among our men and women of color here at Loyola.

Target #4: Advocacy

ALANA serves as an advocate for any person on campus who has encountered discrimination or an act of inequality. We will intervene and provide the person with the appropriate steps to resolve the issue. Students who feel they have been the target of bias (or who have witnessed a bias related behavior) may report the incident online, or contact the Dean of Students Office. File a bias report here.

Target #5: Educational Resources

We also maintain a resource library, which includes DVDs, magazines, and reference books. Alongside the resource library we offer bi-weekly academic and career related workshops, and conversational Spanish workshops. A.C.E Workshops topics span from time management to self-care, while Hora de Cafe con Leche is a space for native and beginner level Spanish speakers to practice the language!  If you are looking for a space to hold a meeting, the Center for Intercultural Engagement would be perfect! Contact our program assistant for more information.