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Daelin Cook, '23

Biology/Psychology Interdisciplinary Major

Daelin Cook, '23, smiling on the front porch steps of his homeALANA has meant so much to me, especially coming to a predominantly white institution as an African American Student. ALANA is like a family to me and has made me feel comfortable at Loyola University Maryland. I have been involved in many aspects of ALANA such as, being a MAP (Multicultural Awareness Program) student my freshman year, to being a mentor my sophomore year and then now I was a MAP navigator for them my junior year and I am also apart of the E-board for Black Student Association. I am also involved in the many other clubs they offer as well. ALANA played a major role in me being involved in all these clubs and activities. They recognized me for who I am and pushed me to become more involved and a better individual. They also helped me become more in tuned with who I am and help me grow into a better African American male. On the academic side they always make sure you are doing well in your classes and on the personal level they always ask to see if your mental health is in check. I am very grateful to ALANA, for all the help support, and love they have shown and given me. When people say ALANA, is a family it is very true, and I stand by that. ALANA is a family and we always look out for one another.

Carly Dacanay, '23

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences and Art History Double Major

Carly Dacanay headshotALANA services has become synonymous with the word community for me. Since my first experience with ALANA through the MAP pre-fall program my first year, I have received companionship and support from everyone I've met there. My first year I attended Asian Cultural Alliance meetings and met upperclassmen. My sophomore year, despite the pandemic, I served as one of the event coordinators on the board to put together great online events. I was able to find my place within Loyola's ALANA community, even though not everyone was on campus. In my time with ALANA so far, I have been able to grow relationships with other student leaders, with the ALANA faculty, and with other, collaborating organizations on campus. The opportunities I've had in working with ALANA Services have been invaluable and I know my confidence in my identity as an Asian American has improved astronomically because of it.