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Behavioral Emergencies

Psychological Crisis

A psychological crisis is defined as an, “Abnormal or atypical behavior that is unacceptable in a given situation with the potential that serious harm is imminent. Abnormal behavior includes an act that deviates from the norm of a specific culture and is disruptive to an individual’s functioning or health or is harmful to one’s self or others."  Unusual or seriously alarming behavior may include:

  1. Threats to harm self, particularly suicide
  2. Threats to harm others
  3. Threats to cause serious property damage
  4. Any medical (e.g., drug or alcohol intoxication, misuse of medications) or trauma event or situation that alters normal behavior and physical functioning

Consider all behavioral emergencies as incidents of altered mental status until proven otherwise.

If a psychological crisis occurs:

  • Stay calm
  • Do not confront or detain the individual if violent or combative. 
  • Notify campus police of the situation – dial 410-617-5911. Clearly state that you need immediate assistance, give your name, location and the nature of the emergency. 
  • The Counseling Center Staff or other medical professionals may be called to assess the situation to determine appropriate assistance required. 

The Counseling Center is located in the Humanities Building, Suite 150 at extension 2273. Counselors assist with various types of issues such as stress, anxiety, alcohol, substance abuse, career exploration, academic problems, values clarification, depression, coping with grief and other concerns you may have.  Consultation is available for individuals that are concerned about a student in the Loyola community.  Please visit the Counseling Center’s website for more information.