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Parent Information

How will I know if something has happened?

Greyhound Alerts is designed so that off-campus and non-affiliated persons can get the same information as students and staff. Please review the Greyhound Alerts website- and although you cannot sign up directly for SMS Text delivery, parents can add their contact information to the system through their son or daughter’s account. Parents can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter and use applications to receive those alerts on your personal cell phone as well.

How will I know if my son or daughter is safe?

Technology and utility issues during a major disaster may make it difficult for you to communicate directly with your student during an emergency or disaster. One of the best things you can to do to help your student be safe is to ensure that he or she has a good emergency plan. Gather your family and talk about the various threats and hazards that may affect you- both at home and at school. Discuss what you would do if a warning was issued or if an event actually happened. Discussion topics may include:

  • Evacuation routes 
  • Family communications & reunification 
  • Vital records & family documents 
  • Special needs 
  • Care for pets
  • Safety skills 

What else can I do?

Young adults just starting out on their own are among the groups that are least likely to have emergency supplies in their residences. If your student is in this category, you can help them be ready for emergencies by giving them essential disaster supplies as a present or gift.  For a list of supplies please see our personal emergency kit page. Plan for emergencies and disasters with your son or daughter and promote a culture of emergency preparedness in your home.