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Direct Loan Program Graduate Information Sheet

Direct Loan regulations require a student to be enrolled on at least a half-time basis each term during the period of the loan. Half-time enrollment for graduate students is defined as a minimum of 6 credits per term (fall and spring terms) or 3 credits (summer).  Eligibility for any type of federal student financial aid requires that a student be enrolled in courses leading to a degree or certificate.  Enrollment in courses that do not count toward the completion of your degree may result in the cancellation of your federal aid. Learn more about the federal regulation regarding Title IV enrollment requirements.

Planned Credits

The information in this section of the Direct Loan Program Graduate Information Sheet will be used to construct your total annual cost of attendance. The total cost of attendance is established using actual charges for tuition and fees and standard allowances for books and supplies and living expenses for the period of enrollment.

Students who are enrolled in full-time graduate programs, listed below under Full-time Program, are not required to fill in the number of credits they plan on registering for since these programs have standard full-time tuition charges.

Students enrolled in all other graduate programs, listed below under Per Credit Program, must indicate the number of credits you plan to register for in each of the following terms:

  • Summer I 2024 (begins 5/29/2024)
  • Summer II 2024 (begins 7/15/2024)
  • Fall Term 2024 (begins 9/4/2024)
  • Spring Term 2025 (begins 1/13/2025)

Half-time enrollment is verified before loan proceeds are credited to a student's account. Loan proceeds will be withdrawn from a student's account in any term in which the student fails to maintain enrollment on at least a half-time basis.

Certification Statement

I certify that I will notify Loyola's office of financial aid immediately, in writing or via my Loyola email account, if any of the following events occur:

  • My failure to enroll for the number of credits indicated on the Direct Loan Program Graduate Information Sheet
  • My withdrawal from Loyola or my attendance at Loyola on a less that half-time basis (minimum of 6 credits per term for Fall and Spring Terms or 3 credits per term for Summer Sessions)
  • My transfer from Loyola to another college or university
  • If I change my name or address
  • If I change my anticipated graduation/completion date
  • If I am on an approved academic leave of absence
  • If I enroll at another university while attending Loyola
  • If I receive financial assistance from any source
  • If I become delinquent or am in default in the repayment of any existing Title IV student loan

The events listed above may result in a revision to your Title IV (federal) financial aid eligibility. 

Allow a minimum of four weeks for processing your application.  An email will go to your Loyola email account once your aid has been awarded with directions on what to do next. 

Failure to fill out the Direct Loan Program Graduate Information Sheet completely and accurately will delay the processing and awarding of your federal loan.

Direct Loan Program Graduate Information Sheet 2024/2025