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Monthly Payment Plan

The convenience of paying educational expenses on a monthly basis is an attractive alternative to many families. if you need to use savings, current income, or loans, this option will make the payments easier. Loyola University Maryland has partnered with a commercial plan available through Nelnet, to offer an interest-free monthly payment service for a one-time annual enrollment fee. The service allows families to make payments on the balance owed over a 10-month period (Fall 2022, 5-month plan/Spring 2023, 5-month plan).
Please be advised that the monthly plan is semester based. You must enroll for each semester in which you want to participate.

The only cost for the Nelnet Monthly Payment Plan is a $40 per semester enrollment fee. You will make 5 monthly payments due on the 1st of each month from July - November (Fall 2022 semester) and December - April (Spring 2023 semester).

Monthly Payment Planner

Use the chart below to determine your annual payment plan amount and your monthly payment. Only billable charges (tuition, fees, room, and meal plan) may be paid using the plan.

1. Annual Billable Expenses
Tuition $53,430
Room $ ____________
Meal Plan $ ____________
Total Charges $ ____________
2. Annual Deductions
Grants/Scholarships $ ___________
Student Loans $ ___________
Class/Room Deposits $ ___________
Total Deductions $ ___________
3. Remaining Billable Expenses
Total Charges $ ___________
Total Deductions - $ ___________
Maximum Plan Amount $ ___________
4. Monthly Payment
Plan Amount $ ___________
Total Number of Payments / 10
Nelnet Monthly Payment $ ___________

Enrollment in the Nelnet Plan

Our payment plan processor, Tuition Management Systems, was acquired by Nelnet in 2018 and we have now been migrated over to the Nelnet platform.

Payment plans must be initiated by the students in the Student Finance module on Self-Service.  Individuals with proxy access cannot enroll on the student’s behalf.  Once logged in, click on Financial Information (bank icon) on the left side menu, click Student Finance, then Payment Plan Information.  Click the Proceed to Processor button and create an account with Nelnet. The Nelnet site can only be accessed through the link on the Payment Plan Information page of Self-Service.

Individuals with properly granted proxy access by the student can access the Nelnet site after the student has created their Nelnet account.  The student needs to allow access to the Payment Plan & Billing module in the proxy access page of Self-Service.  

For assistance with the Nelnet site, please call 800-609-8056.

For assistance with your account balance or detailed account information please contact a Loyola Account Specialist or call 410-617-5047.

Once the payment plan has been established, any changes can be made directly with a Loyola Account Specialist.

The undergraduate semester based monthly payment plan allows you to pay for your educational expenses in smaller, more manageable 3, 4, or 5 automatic monthly installments, depending on the enrollment date for only a $40 enrollment fee per semester.  Credit/debit card payments will incur a 2.75% fee, ACH payments are free of additional charges.


Questions about the Monthly Payment Plan should be directed to Nelnet at 800-722-4867.