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Federal Financial Aid and Repeated Courses

Federal regulation limits the number of times an undergraduate student may repeat a course and receive financial aid for the course.

  • A student may receive financial aid to repeat a previously passed course (D or higher) to receive a higher grade one additional time.
  • A student may receive financial aid when repeating a course that was previously failed, regardless of the number of times the course was attempted and failed.
  • If a student chooses to retake a course that is not aid eligible, the office of financial aid will recalculate the student’s aid to exclude the credits for the repeated course.
  • Exception:  If a student enrolls for 15 credit hours including 3 credits previously passed, the student’s financial aid eligibility is not impacted because the student is enrolled for 12 credits which are not repeated courses, and remains enrolled on a full-time basis.
  • The office of financial aid is not responsible for determining if a student may repeat a course, but rather if a student may be eligible for financial aid for a repeat course.
  • This regulation applies whether or not the student received aid for previous enrollment in a course.