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Monthly Payment Plan

The convenience of paying educational expenses on a monthly basis is an attractive alternative to many families. if you need to use savings, current income, or loans, this option will make the payments easier. Loyola University Maryland has partnered with a commercial plan available through Tuition Management Systems, Inc., to offer an interest-free monthly payment service for a one-time annual enrollment fee. The service allows families to make payments on the balance owed over a 10-month period.

The only cost for the TMS Monthly Payment Plan is a $80 annual enrollment fee. You will make 10 monthly payments due on the 15th of each month from June 15, 2017 to March 15, 2018.

Monthly Payment Planner

Use the chart below to determine your annual payment plan amount and your monthly payment. Only billable charges (tuition, fees, room, and meal plan) may be paid using the plan.

1. Annual Billable Expenses
Tuition $46,160
Fees $ ____________
Room $ ____________
Meal Service $ ____________
Total Charges $ ____________
2. Annual Deductions
Grants/Scholarships $ ___________
Student Loans $ ___________
Class/Room Deposits $ ___________
Total Deductions $ ___________
3. Remaining Billable Expenses
Total Charges $ ___________
Total Deductions - $ ___________
Maximum Plan Amount $ ___________
4. Monthly Payment
Plan Amount $ ___________
Total Number of Payments / 10
TMS Monthly Payment $ ___________

Enrollment in the TMS Plan

Once you have decided the amount you wish to pay on a monthly basis, enroll online at www.afford.com/loyola. The enrollment deadline is August 1, 2017 for the fall semester or December 15, 2017 for the spring semester. if you enroll prior to June 5, 2017, you need only pay the $80 enrollment fee. If you enroll after June 5, 2017, you will be required to pay the $80 enrollment fee in addition to one, two, or three monthly payments according to the following schedule.

If you enroll by... Number of monthly payments due: Your next payment is due:
June 5 0 June 15
June 6 - July 5 1 July 15
July 6 - Aug. 5 2 August 15
Aug. 6 - 15 3 September 15

Once enrolled, you will receive a monthly bill from TMS. You may pay by check or money order by regular mail, by telephone, or online. Automatic payments may be made directly from your checking or savings account.


Questions about the Monthly Payment Plan should be directed to:

Tuition Management Systems
171 Service Avenue
Suite 200
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886


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