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The mission of Loyola University Maryland is to inspire students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world. Loyola, therefore, has a special commitment to promote international education both on campus and abroad. The Jesuit mission is fundamentally associated with a global and open-minded vision that highly values and respects the rich cultural and spiritual diversity that characterizes human experience as a whole.

Loyola’s Office of International Programs strives to serve this mission through its broad offering of study abroad opportunities and its persistent support of international activities on campus. Its study abroad programs combine some of the best academic offerings overseas with a broad range of service opportunities while immersing our students in other cultures. On campus, the Office of International Programs aims to promote a more diverse and international climate to our students who, for different reasons, are unable to travel or study in a foreign country. Its main goal is to help our students better understand and serve our world. This plays a most valuable role in Loyola’s ability to address the central need for diversity and internationalization in modern education.

The philosophy of Loyola's Office of International Programs is to provide students with an in-depth experience of another culture by focusing on one program. Therefore, programs like "Semester at Sea" and similar programs would not be acceptable. The Office of International Programs must approve any international program that a Loyola student wishes to obtain credits from while enrolled at Loyola University Maryland.


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Academic Opportunities

Studying in Nepal through the Jennings Scholarship

A student shares her experience studying photojournalism in Nepal through the Jennings Scholarship.