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Study Abroad Ambassadors

The Study Abroad Ambassadors is a select group of students who previously studied abroad and are dedicated to promoting interest, cultural immersion, assisting in preparation, offering support, and providing a platform for communication regarding the study abroad experience. Study Abroad alumni who are selected to participate in the program will assist the Office of International Programs in promoting study abroad opportunities through interest meetings, classroom presentations, and assistance at various events the office hosts throughout the semester.  Applications for new Study Abroad Ambassadors are accepted in two cycles with due dates of August 1 and January 1. 

Study Abroad Ambassador Application

Questions about Study Abroad?

Please feel free to contact a current Study Abroad Ambassador with any questions about the study abroad experience! All ambassadors are happy to answer any program-specific or general study abroad questions that you might have!


Christine Phillips, Senior 
Buenos Aires, Argentina Spring 2017
Major: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences & Spanish

"Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to experience two distinct Hispanic cultures that changed how I relate to the Spanish language, myself, and the world around me."


Christine Phillips

Monika Scherer, Senior
Leuven, Belgium Full Year 2016-2016
Major: Political Science Minor: Peace and Justice Studies

"Choosing to go to Leuven, Belgium for the year meant that I didn't just study abroad, I truly lived there. I became familiar with Belgian culture and customs, with 10 months devoted to exploring the incredible country and city I lived in while simultaneously also exploring the rest of Europe. And while I learned a lot about other countries from my travels, I learned even more by living in a residence and forming friendships with students from all over the world. Though it may seem intimidating at first, I would encourage anyone who can to go abroad for the year, the experience is rewarding and fulfilling beyond words!"


Monika Scherer 


Vanessa Rijo, Senior
Copenhagen, Denmark Fall 2016
Major: Political Science Minor: Public Relations

“I can honestly say that choosing to study abroad in Copenhagen was the best decision that I could have made for myself. I have seen first hand how much four months in a different country can change a person, and it is a feeling that words cannot fully describe. One can only truly understand once they embark on that journey themselves.  Copenhagen will always have a piece of my heart, and I can’t wait to go back one day!”


 Vanessa Rijo

Matthew Paulich, Senior
Copenhagen, Denmark Spring 2017
Major: Finance and Marketing

"Choosing to study abroad in Copenhagen was such a rewarding and humbling experience. Experiencing the amazing Scandinavian culture for four months was life changing. Living in another country and traveling to many others exposed me to so many different cultures around the world. I will always consider Copenhagen as my home away from home and I will never forget my abroad experience!

 Matthew Paulich

Delani Pecchioli, Junior
Copenhagen Fall 2017
Major: Global Studies
Minors: Gender Studies & Spanish
"Studying abroad was such an amazing experience for me. Deciding to go to Copenhagen might arguably be the best decision I've ever made! I got to know so many new people, experience so many interesting things, and eat a lot of really great food! Living in Europe really opened my eyes to the world around me, and I can’t wait to go back!"


Olivia Airhart, Junior
Copenhagen Fall 2017
Major: Communications: Advertising and Digital Media
“I never thought that I could be the person that studied abroad. But, living in a Copenhagen, Denmark for four months truly changed me as a person and changed my whole outlook on life. Living in Copenhagen allowed me to find my home away from home and discover parts of the world I never thought I would see. I fell in love with Scandinavian culture and truly felt as though I had evolved into a Dane by the end of my time in Copenhagen. I already have plans to go back and visit the wonderful place and people I consider my second family!”



Samantha Crawley, Senior
Paris, France Fall 2016
Major: Biology/Psychology Interdisciplinary
"Learning how to truly live alone in an entirely new country and culture allowed me to gain so much personal independence and respect for diversity. I stepped outside of my comfort zone in an entirely new and exciting way, and I’m so grateful that I have had this opportunity."


Sam Crawley 

 Liz Bellar, Junior
Lyon, France
"Studying abroad in Lyon was the best four months of my life. Not only did I learn French and about the French culture, but I learned important life skills and about what I want to do with my future."



Monica Malouf, Senior
Berlin, Germany Fall 2016
Major: English; Minor: History

"Abroad provided a time of immense learning and personal growth.  Living on my own in Berlin was the opportunity of a lifetime, and I will always look back at my adventures fondly.  Studying in another country and strengthening my independence was a priceless experience, and I recommend it to all that can!"


Monica Malouf

Bailey DeMaso, Senior
Athens, Greece Fall 2016
Major: Marketing

"Life is about taking chances and finding yourself, and abroad is the best way to accomplish both. Studying abroad in Athens was the most eye-opening experience of my life. Living immersed in Greek culture gave me the experience I needed to mature, grow, and learn and there is no other way I would have rather spent my semester. "



Meagan Goddard, Junior
Athens, Greece Fall 2017
Major: Marketing
Minor: Communications

"Studying abroad in Athens, Greece was easily the best four months of my life. Whether it was in learning the Greek language, traveling on my own, or trying new foods, I ventured far outside my comfort zone in more ways than one. I gained a new perspective of myself and the world. Athens shaped me into the person I am today and allowed me to make memories I will cherish for a lifetime."


 Megan Goddard

Charlotte Little, Senior
Cork, Ireland Fall 2016
(Double) Major: Psychology and English

"Studying abroad taught me how to live. I didn’t know how much growing I had to do until I got to Cork, but I’m thankful every day for how much it made me realize about myself. My experiences were incredible, I gained new friends that feel like family, and I learned so much about so many different cultures. I finally understand why everybody says that studying abroad changed their lives. Ireland will always feel like home to me.”


 Charlotte Little

Brigid Maelia, Junior
Cork, Ireland Fall
Major: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Minor: Communication

"The opportunity to study abroad in Cork, Ireland not only increased my independence as an individual but also my confidence in pursuing my life dreams. Being able to really emerge myself in a new culture and experience traveling abroad with friends changed my outlook on the world and helped me find my place in this not so big world."


Marysa Mazanek, Senior
Major: Communications, Minor: Marketing
Cork, Ireland

"Studying abroad in Ireland meant so much to me as I had the opportunity to challenge myself everyday, travel to beautiful countries, and learn so many wonderful things about the world."

 Marysa Mazanek

Caitlin O’Sullivan, Junior
Cork, Ireland Fall 2017
Major: Finance Minors: Mathematics & Information Systems

“Studying abroad was such a great experience where I learned so much about the world and about myself.  Living in Cork, Ireland for four and a half months taught me to not only appreciate, but to embrace people, cultures and customs with a different background than my own.  Ireland will forever hold a piece of my heart!"

Caitlyn O'Sullivan 

JR Mucciolo, Senior
Rome, Italy Fall 2016
Major: Political Science; Minors: Communications, Italian Studies

"Having the chance to study abroad in Rome was a dream come true. Despite being in a foreign country, it didn’t take long for the city to feel like home, and it’s a connection that I’ll carry with me for a lifetime. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my next chance to go back!"


 JR Mucciolo

Rachel Hanuschak, Senior
Florence, Italy Fall 2016
Major: Finance, Minor: Mathematics

“Studying abroad in Florence gave me the once in a life time opportunity to travel the world and helped me grow immensely as a person.


 Rachel Hanuschak
Andrew Lucibella, Senior
Rome, Italy, Spring 2017
Major: History
Minors: Political Science, Italian Studies

"Studying abroad in Rome was by far the best four months of my life. Surrounded by history, culture, and pizza, the Eternal City provided an unforgettable experience that leaves me hoping to return as soon as I can."

Andrew Lucibella 
New Zealand

Katie O’Connor, Senior
Auckland, New Zealand Spring 2017
Major: Biology

“I am so thankful that I was able to spend an entire four and a half months adventuring around New Zealand. New Zealand is such a cool country full of culture, amazing people, and breathtaking views. The constant adventure taught me so much about myself and what makes me the happiest in life. I definitely found a second home in New Zealand, and I can’t wait to go back!” 

 Katie O'Connor

Erin Mullin, Junior
Auckland, New Zealand
Elementary Education Major, Special Education Minor

"After spending a semester abroad in New Zealand, I have learned a lot about myself while also gaining a whole new sense of adventure. There are so many amazing places to explore and an endless amount of breathtaking views. I wouldn't change my experience for the world and cannot wait to go back someday!" 


 Erin Mullin

Christine Phillips, Senior
Granada, Spain Summer 2015
Majors: Speech-Language-Hearing Science & Spanish

“Studying abroad in Granada confirmed my love for Hispanic culture and helped me decide to double major.”


Christine Phillips 

Olivia Hobson, Senior
Alcalá de Henares, Spain Fall 2016
Major: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences & Spanish

"I was so nervous about selecting the Alcalá language immersion program, but it was the most eye-opening and amazing experience. I had the opportunity to really improve my Spanish and make real connections within the community while still being able to travel Europe. It was the best 4 months of my life."



Alli Gavin, Senior
Alcalá de Henares, Spain Fall 2016
Major: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences & Spanish

I'm so glad I decided to study abroad in Spain because it helped develop my Spanish skills and opened my eyes to a different way of life. While it was definitely nerve-wracking leaving America and going somewhere where they don't speak English, I am incredibly grateful that I took the chance. Study Abroad taught me so much about myself and about the world. 


 Alli Gavin

Emily Burdick, Senior
Madrid, Spain Fall 2016
Major: Political Science

"Deciding to study abroad in Madrid was one of the best choices I have made at Loyola. I am so grateful for this exchange program because it made me incredibly independent. I now feel so much more confident to tackle whatever the future brings."


 Emily Burdick

Krista McKenzie, Junior
Major: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Minor: Spanish
"Studying abroad in Madrid was an unbelievable opportunity that allowed me to finally immerse myself in the Spanish culture that I've been learning about since kindergarten. Between traveling around Europe, improving my Spanish speaking skills, making new friends, and trying new things, studying abroad was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life."


South Africa  

Kristen Wigand, Senior
Cape Town, South Africa Fall 2016
Major: Psychology, Minor: Sociology

"Cape Town is beautiful in so many ways. It provided opportunities for adventure, personal growth, and a deeper cultural understanding. For me, the most rewarding part of studying abroad was stepping out of my comfort zone. I consider Cape Town to be one of the best chapters of my life."


 Kristen Wigand

Christina Jonas, Senior 
Cape Town, South Africa Spring 2017
Major: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences with a minor in Special Education

"Studying abroad in Cape Town was five months full of beauty, learning, and endless adventures.  Immersing myself in their culture helped me develop a greater understanding and appreciation for different lifestyles.  Having this experience shaped me into a stronger, more knowledgeable version of myself."


 Christine Jonas

Emily Lima, Senior
Bangkok, Thailand Fall 2016
Major; Biopsychology

"Studying abroad in Bangkok, Thailand opened my eyes to new cultures and experiences while giving me a sense of confidence and independence that has changed the way I see the world. I am truly grateful for this experience which allowed me to better live in the present and enjoy every aspect of what life has to offer."


 Emily Lima

Danielle Hahn, Junior
Bangkok, Thailand
Major: Psychology
Minor: Special Education

"Choosing to study abroad in Bangkok, Thailand was one of the best experiences of my life. Traveling abroad was an eye opening opportunity that enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and become who I am today. I was able to meet amazing new people, try new food, and learn to adapt to a new way of life. I am hoping to return after graduation and participate in Teach for Thailand!"


 Danielle Hahn

Colleen Hudak, Junior 
Major: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Minor: Special Education
"Studying abroad on the other side of the world, specifically in the area of Southeast Asia, exposed me to a culture and lifestyle that were unfamiliar to me. Five months living in Bangkok, Thailand allowed me to grow as a more independent and confident individual who has a newfound openness for trying new things and going outside of my comfort zone. As a college student, I feel blessed to have embraced the opportunity to become a well-rounded person and student by broadening my perspective of the world to not only include my community in Baltimore, but also the community in which I engaged and grew to love in Thailand."


United Kingdom

David Arakelian, Senior
Newcastle Upon Tyne, England Fall 2016
Major: Finance

“Why England? Throughout my life I’ve listened to my British grandparents tell stories of how great England is. Always encouraging me to visit one day, I was dedicated to study where my grandparents grew up. Newcastle allowed me the opportunity to live, study, and immerse myself in British culture. Living in Europe, and traveling to different countries helped me gain a sense of independence, and greater outlook on the world.”


 David Arakelian
Gianna Branella, Senior
Newcastle upon Tyne, England Full Year 2016-2017
Major: Biology

“The best decision I’ve ever made was to study abroad for an entire year in Newcastle. Not only did it push me to gain a greater sense of independence, it also allowed me to completely immerse myself in British culture, travel all throughout Europe, and, most importantly, have such incredible experiences along the way."
Hailey Bulman, Junior
Major: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Minor: Special Education
"I never thought I was the type to study abroad until I took a chance on myself and decided to go! Although adjusting to a new culture isn't always easy (even if it is right across the pond), I am incredibly grateful I took part in this amazing opportunity Loyola has to offer. Abroad is about casting aside any judgments or fears you may have and not being so hard on yourself or others. The world is so large and there are no right or wrong routes. After traveling to 9 countries and numerous cities during my time abroad, I have learned it's okay to get a little lost, it's all part of the journey!"