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Information Sessions

Important Notes

All students must attend an Information Session to get access to online application. 

Student who arrive late to an Information Session will not be allowed to sign in for that information session. Students must arrive on time, sign in, and stay for the entire session to receive credit and be granted access to the online application.

**SARA Sessions are study abroad advising sessions. Please bring your degree audit to meet with a program director to discuss which courses you are best to save for abroad.**  Check back soon for exact date, time and location!

Fall 2017 Information Sessions Schedule

**Please note! Information is subject to change! It is important that you continue to check the dates, times and locations!  

Day and Date Program Group Location Time
Tuesday, Sept. 26 Athens MH247 4-5pm 
Wednesday, Sept. 27 Budapest MH243 4-5pm
Thursday, Sept. 28 Alcala SH008 4-5pm
Thursday, Sept. 28 Auckland Sellinger V.I.P Lounge 5-6pm
Friday, Sept. 29 Beijing CO133 2-3pm
Monday, Oct. 2 Bangkok SH223 5-6pm
Monday, Oct. 2 Melbourne KH B01 4:30-5:30pm
Tuesday, Oct. 3 Madrid KH B01 4-5pm
Tuesday, Oct. 3 Leuven SH003 3-4pm 
 Wednesday, Oct. 4 Florence MH243 3-4pm
Wednesday, Oct. 4 Cape Town  CO133 2-3pm
 Wednesday, Oct. 4 Buenos Aires/El Salvador Sellinger V.I.P Lounge 12-1pm
Thursday, Oct. 5 Berlin SH008 5-6pm
Thursday, Oct. 5 Dubai KH B03 3-4pm
 Thursday, Oct. 5 Newcastle KH B03 4-5pm
 Thursday, Oct. 5 Santiago CO133 4-5pm
Thursday, Oct. 5  Copenhagen Sellinger V.I.P Lounge 1:30-2:30pm
Friday, Oct. 6 Osaka SH003 12-1pm
Tuesday, Oct. 10 Melbourne/Auckland KH B01 5-6pm
Tuesday, Oct. 10 Copenhagen SH003 3-4pm
 Tuesday, Oct. 10 Dubai  Sellinger V.I.P Lounge 1:30-2:30pm
 Wednesday, Oct. 11 Singapore SH 006 2-3pm
 Wednesday, Oct. 11 Glasgow MH243 3-4pm
  Wednesday, Oct. 11 Amsterdam SH 006 3-4pm
 Thursday, Oct. 12 Leuven KH005 10:50am-12:05pm 
 Monday, Oct. 16  SARA Sessions  McGuire Hall 12-2pm
 Monday, Oct.16 Newcastle SH003 2-3pm
Monday, Oct.16 Paris KH B03 2-3 pm
 Monday, Oct. 16 Leuven KH B01 4-5 pm
Monday, Oct.16 Lyon/Montpellier HU 131  5-6 pm
Monday, Oct. 16 Cork  Cohn 133 5:30-6:30pm
 Tuesday, Oct.17 SARA Sessions McGuire Hall 12-2 pm
 Tuesday, Oct. 17 Alcala MH 247 4:30:5:30pm
Tuesday, Oct. 17 Bangkok KH B01 7-8pm
 Wednesday, Oct. 18 Athens MH243 4:30-5:30pm
Thursday, Oct. 19 Berlin Sellinger V.I.P Lounge 12:30-1:30pm 
 Thursday, Oct. 19 Cork KH B01 3-4pm
Thursday, Oct. 19 Budapest SH008 4:30-5:30pm
 Monday, Oct. 23 Amsterdam CO133 4-5pm
  Monday, Oct. 23 Singapore  SH003 3-4pm
  Monday, Oct. 23 Paris CO133 11am-12pm
Tuesday, Oct. 24 Rome MH247 4-5pm
Wednesday Oct. 25 Beijing, Presented by The Beijing Center  MH243  4-5pm
Thursday, Oct. 26 Osaka SH008 4-4:30pm
Thursday, Oct. 26 Melbourne  Sellinger V.I.P Lounge 12-1pm
Friday, Oct. 27, 2017-CANCELLED Budapest-CANCELLED
 Friday, Oct. 27 Bangkok KH B01 4:30-5:30pm
Friday, Oct. 27 Florence MH058 3-4pm
Monday, Oct. 30 Auckland SH223 5-6pm
Monday, Oct. 30 Glasgow KH B01 4-5pm
Tuesday, Oct. 31 Newcastle SH003 3-4pm
 Wednesday, Nov. 1 Bangkok KH B01 4-5pm
 Thursday, Nov. 2 Accra Sellinger V.I.P Lounge 1-2 pm
Thursday, Nov. 2 Lyon / Montpellier SH008 5-6pm
Friday, Nov. 3 Budapest-NEWLY ADDED SH201  4-5pm
 Monday, Nov. 6 Rome SH003 3-4pm
Monday, Nov. 6 Santiago CO133 12-1pm
 Tuesday, Nov. 7 Madrid Humanities 131 12-1pm
Thursday, Nov. 9 Alcala  CO133 12-1pm 
 Thursday, Nov. 9 Buenos Aires/El Salvador SH008 4-5pm
Thursday, Nov. 9 Glasgow  KH B01 2-3pm
 Friday, Nov. 10 Cape Town SH008 3-4pm
 Monday, Nov. 13 Athens SH003 12-1pm
 Tuesday, Nov. 14 Bangkok Flannery 230 7:30-8:30pm
 Tuesday, Nov. 14 Budapest Sellinger V.I.P. Lounge  12-1pm
Tuesday, Nov. 14 Cork CO133  4-5pm
Tuesday, Nov. 14 Leuven CO133 5:30-6:30pm
 Wednesday, Nov. 15 Paris - CANCELLED CANCELLED
 Wednesday, Nov. 15 Melbourne/Auckland  KH B01 3-4pm
 Wednesday, Nov. 15 Lyon/Montpellier HU 131 5-6 pm
Friday, Nov. 17 Berlin  CO133 2-3
 Friday, Nov. 17 Copenhagen  KH B01 4-5 pm
Friday, Nov. 17 Dubai  SH008 3-4pm
 Monday, Nov. 20 Summer Programs HU 131 5-6 pm
Tuesday, Nov. 21 Leuven Sellinger V.I.P. Lounge  12-1pm
 Tuesday, Nov. 21  Rome KH B03 3-4pm
Tuesday, Nov. 21 Beijing/Osaka KH B01 4-5pm
Monday, Nov. 27 **LAST CHANCE TO APPLY CO133 5-6pm
**last chance to attend an info session in order to be able to apply to study abroad