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Accra, Ghana (CIEE)

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Since 2009 Loyola University has had a program with CIEE in Accra, the capital of Ghana in West Africa. CIEE has been offering this program in Ghana since 1994. The on-site director and staff work for CIEE and our students take their courses at the University of Ghana in Legon, Accra, a large public university. Students live in a student residence on campus, with other international, African and American students, or in homestays. All courses are in English, which is the official language of the country. Several trips are part of the program, organized by the CIEE staff and on-site director. Community service or internships can be done by all.

Criteria for Acceptance

  • Sophomores with a cumulative average of 2.8 or above
  • Students who can find courses which fit their Loyola program and allow full-time participation
  • Students who are neither on disciplinary probation nor have a record of serious disciplinary problem


Consult the Office of International Programs as early as possible to get assistance on course selections at Loyola, so that you are prepared for Accra.

  • This program serves nearly all majors
  • A CQPA of 2.8 may apply
  • You will take 15 credits of course work (1 Twi course is required)
  • You will attend the University of Ghana in Legon (Accra)
  • All courses are in English
  • Approved courses, grades and credit will transfer to Loyola
  • Semester dates are similar to our dates

Disclaimer: In case of strikes or unexpected disruption to the academic semester Loyola University will work with the host university abroad to provide additional support or other academic arrangements to enable students to complete their coursework in agreement with the rules and regulations of the host university and the laws of the host country.  Loyola University Maryland will not makes any changes to its course, grade, or credit transfer policies following such circumstances.

Length of Stay

This program has a fall and spring semester as well as a full academic year.


  •  The University of Ghana has its own student residences on campus. Rooms are for 2 or 3.
  • There is security for all the facilities on campus.
  • Cooking can be done in the housing unit. Students can also eat at nearby restaurants.
  • Nearby homestays are available as well.
  • CIEE carefully selects host families.


  • Tuition at University of Ghana in Legon 
  • Housing
  • Visa
  • Academic and housing support (CIEE staff)
  • Van service to the student residence
  • Full university security service
  • 3 on-site administrators
  • Internet service at the University of Ghana
  • Program trips: free and at cost
  • Community service and internships
  • Conferences, lectures and concerts


  • Loyola tuition, Loyola housing, reduced comprehensive fee (no program fee)
  • All Loyola financial aid transfers.

Application Requirements

  • Completed online application form and a course planning form must be submitted by December 2 (Wednesday after Thanksgiving) for the fall or spring.
  • A CIEE application will also be required.

**Please keep in mind that study abroad information, dates, benefits, and fees are subject to change without notification. You are encouraged to contact the Office of International Programs directly for the most up-to-date information regarding any study abroad programs offered at Loyola.

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