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Messina Learning Outcomes

Messina is designed to instill the intellectual curiosity and self-knowledge necessary for a first-year student’s successful start to his or her Loyola education, whose commitment to personal and social responsibility reflects the Jesuit, Catholic academic and faith traditions. As a result of participation in Messina, first-year students will show progress to a deeper and fuller understanding of the interconnections unique and essential to a Jesuit Education in a contemporary world. Successful attainment of the following outcomes is not only the aim of the First-Year Seminars but it is the shared responsibility of all – faculty, administrators, peer leaders, and students.

Jesuit Mission and Values

  • Develop habits of discernment and reflection in the Ignatian tradition.
  • Explore and articulate values and principles involved in their personal decision-making.

Critical Understanding

  • Develop habits of reading, writing and intellectual conversation that support academic excellence and engagement.
  • Demonstrate increased knowledge and use of campus resources that aid critical thinking.

Connections to Loyola Community

  • Establish healthy, mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with others including faculty, administrators, staff and peers.
  • Demonstrate a sense of belonging to the community at Loyola University both in and out of the classroom.

Integrated Learning

  • Integrate multiple sources of knowledge gained through various disciplinary lenses, texts, instruction, out of class experiences and personal reflection to offer a perspective on the interdisciplinary theme of the community.