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Faculty and Mentor Participation

Messina Working Groups are comprised of two faculty members (one who serves as a core advisor), one or two Mentors (administrators) and one or two Evergreens (a student peer leader). 

Qualities of Faculty, Mentors and Evergreens that would excel in the collaborative nature of Messina:

  • Ability to engage with first-year students in and out of the classroom 
  • Understanding of Jesuit mission and pedagogy
  • Understanding of first-year student transition issues and retention
  • Demonstrates organization and can prepare in advance 
  • Flexibility 
  • Demonstrates multicultural competencies and commitment to anti-racist practice
  • Incorporates elements of high-impact practices into enrichment activities
  • Understanding of group dynamics and working with groups of students 
  • Well versed in campus resources and referral sources

Early in the fall semester, Messina will accept applications from faculty members and administrators interesting in participating in Messina during the following academic year. Applications for the Evergreen position are typically available in November and the application process is coordinated by the Office of Student Engagement.

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