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Serving as a Messina Advisor

Messina advisors play a major role in helping students understand that education in the liberal arts is central to the mission of Loyola University Maryland, and that the cornerstone of each student’s education is the core curriculum.  Although the University offers majors in many disciplines, all students bring a shared foundation in the liberal arts to their specialized studies because of their work in the core program. To prepare for registration and curriculum planning:

  • Students and advisors should be familiar with Loyola's core requirements.
  • Many majors require registration in specific core courses which satisfy both the core curriculum and major requirements. It may be helpful to download the core requirements by major chart for guidance. 
  • All students must complete at least 40 three- or four-credit courses and a total of 120 credits to earn an undergraduate degree from Loyola. Each student’s curriculum is comprised of core, major, and elective courses. 
  • Students and advisors may review the Academic Worksheets for a list of course requirements by class year and major.

Advisors are encouraged to become acquainted with on-campus resources and to be available to refer the student to these offices if necessary.